The Big Chicken


It’s like keeping a dinosaur in the chicken yard.


  1. Julia K says:

    Animals are so funny. I have three turkeys that think they are chickens.

  2. Granny Trace says:

    Now that is on big CHICKEN! Love the photo.What is her name?
    Have great day!
    Granny Trace

  3. Cheryl LeMay says:

    Sorry to hear about your other geese.Maybe you can find another goose as a companion for her and keep them both in the chicken yard. My chickens don’t seem to mind the ducks and geese being in with them during the summer, but I have separate winter quarters for them since I keep everyone confined during winter.

  4. mamajoseph says:

    LOL! DS7 exclaimed as we were driving home on Saturday, “Wow! Mom! Look at that giant chicken!!” It was a turkey. I almost hated to tell him. I didn’t tell him they were for sale, though! Maybe next year.

  5. Glenda says:

    What a great shot! She/it makes me think of those statues you see mounted atop a pillar.

    She does need company though.

  6. Flowerpower says:

    She’s very pretty and probably thinks she is a chicken! I do hope she is friendly. :happyflower:

  7. BuckeyeGirl says:

    You need a goose girl!(or boy) Someone to take the village geese to the pond/pasture in the morning, then bring them home in the evening. I always wondered how they did that! …and how the village decided who got to be the lucky goose girl.

  8. Ms.Becky says:

    whoa, look at those beautiful feathers. that’s a beautiful creature you have there Suzanne.

  9. chickenherd says:

    I personally love my three geese, who are the ‘big chickens’ of the barnyard around here. I sorta think of myself as a goose girl upon occasion, since they follow me and try to fly after me at times, if I run. And eat my hair…ah, the joys of friendly geese!

  10. holstein woman says:

    I love to see all the different animals, mostly bird types. I kind of live my desire for geese through yours. I have chickens, ducks and turkeys for now.
    Your girl is very photogenic, good shot :duck:

  11. bonita says:

    ” dinosaur in the chicken yard” Well actually, not far from the truth…dino experts claim birds are descended from dinosaurs, just hope your goose is not is a velociraptor in disguise!

  12. Runningtrails says:

    She’s beautiful! Poor little girlie, the last of her kind. I am glad she’s safe.

  13. gardnerh says:

    We had a turkey that thought he was a chicken. He came to live with the girls when his buddy was killed by something – we think a raccoon. He hung out with the girls, greeted the kids as they walked home from the bus stop, ran up for veggie scraps. He got so big we thought his legs might give out. When we finally took him in to the processor, he weighed 43 pounds (dressed).

  14. JaniceAndrea says:

    This reminds me of the year my youngest was 2 and saw the Thanksgiving turkey coming out of the oven – “That’s a mighty big chicken!” he said, incredulously.

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