The Changing of the Guard


GOODBYE, WINTER! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!


  1. Debbie in PA says:

    Such a pretty picture Suzanne. I love seeing birds against the snow like this.

  2. Nancy in Iowa says:

    It is a lovely photo – but I’m afraid Winter swooped back to Iowa for the day – 2.5″ layer of snow! :hissyfit:

  3. Carol Langille says:

    Yep….and here comes winter again in DALLAS! Raining and 48 right now, dropping to about 27 tonight with rain turning, possibly, to snow. And EVERYTHING is either in bloom or in bud. Hopefully it won’t last long enough to bite the pretties!

  4. Mary says:

    We in Upper Michigan have such scenes from November through March and even sometimes April in an Ordinary winter. We are still waiting this year. It has been incredibly mild, and we are loving it. It is like we have been forgotten by winter this year. We may get walloped yet…there’s still time. Whatever happens here now, we will always remember this winter as a once in a lifetime thing. Your picture is beautiful. Nature is amazing. Thank you for sharing your photography, your talents and your wit.

  5. Darlene in North Georgia says:

    OH. NO. Now you’ve done it! You’ve been RUDE to Winter. NEVER, EVER be rude to Winter. She will have her revenge!

  6. Carol, too says:

    I’m in Dallas, also. Horrible weather today!

    I think there are three Carols posting here who live in Dallas. We should start a club.

  7. Barbee' says:

    Beautiful photo! Aren’t the little birds precious in their varied postures.

  8. Michele Messier says:

    Your photo is so beautiful. It makes winter look like fun. Today is the first day of spring! Cleaning house today. Its clean up week with the city of Santa Clara, CA and we can throw anything we want away if we put it in the street/gutter area. As soon as I put it out somebody comes by and takes it away before the city can dispose of it. I am happy to have it recycled. Anyway, spring is here but the only birds I see are crows (I still feed them walnuts they seem to like them)My dog loves the sunshine! :woof: :woof: :snoopy: :snoopy:

  9. M.J. says:

    According to T.S. Eliot, April is the cruelest month. He was wrong–it’s March.

  10. Julie says:

    It’s been spring-like here too, I hope winter doesn’t reappear! That is a really beautiful picture!

  11. Arlene says:

    Awww…..Spring is here isn’t it? One of my friends in OKC said t was 70 at her house yesterday and today they are having snow!! Ewww……!!!

  12. Yvonne says:

    I LOVE the lack of rain (and cold, and snow) lately. I hate having to wait for the puddles to dry up before we can mow the yard for the first time – won’t be long, already saw the first dandelion! I really enjoy this warmer, dry weather. HAPPY SPRING!!! :sun: :butterfly: :happyflower:

  13. Darlene in North Georgia says:

    Suzanne, I TOLD you you shouldn’t have been so rude to Winter. It’s been in the 70’s ALL week. And then you post THIS and NOW we have snow forecast for Monday AND Tuesday. I live in North Georgia, NOT Oklahoma or the Dakotas. It should NOT be snowing in March!

    If you don’t she may be headed YOUR way too. Perhaps if you say you’re sorry, VERY sorry, she’ll relent and I can get my garden planted and my spring cleaning done and…..YOU won’t get SNOW too!
    Remember that old margarine commercial “It’s not NICE to fool with Mother Nature!”.

  14. Darlene in North Georgia says:

    And you may want to take her a cookie, too! Yeah, she might LIKE a cookie. Clover does, why shouldn’t Winter? And if you don’t want to invite her inside, couldn’t you at least let her stay on a porch with the dogs and TWO chickens? When she gets bored, she’ll leave. ‘Cos what can 3 dogs, two chickens and winter talk about? See, she WILL get bored and leave on her own. She’ll go someplace INTERESTING – like AUSTRALIA or New Zealand or South Africa. And she’ll be too interested in THEM to bother US any more! At least, for a while. Until THEY get boring. But it will buy US some time. Spring will come back because WINTER she won’t be around to fight with Spring and make Spring go away crying.

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