The Chickens Love the Cellar, Too


They saw me put the dog food in there. Yum! They want in!


  1. Flowerpower says:

    The chickens probably think they have died and gone to green grass heaven!Guarantee they are checking out the benches and those nice steps to sit and preen on. I couldn’t be more thrilled for you if it was mine! Major explorations to do..things to find..treasures…and the animals probably feel the same way. :happyflower:

  2. justdeborah2002 says:

    What a beautiful photo….I would love to see that as one of the free monthly wallpaper photos available, it truly is that lovely. Very nice eye!

  3. Glenda says:

    I love that red door! I am very impressed by how pristine and perfect everything is at Sassafras farm. Did you do all the painting or was it that way when you bought it. It looks charming.

  4. thistlewoodmanor says:

    Yeah, what is it with chickens and dog food anyway? You’d think they’d like their own food better, but they’re always after the dogs’.

  5. cabynfevr says:

    Chickens and cats, nothing peaks their interest more than a closed door!

  6. bonita says:

    Well, the doggie at the door says, “Welcome.”

  7. holstein woman says:

    That is beautiful, chickens always want the door open for them too.
    I love foul. You have such a variety that they make terrific photos.

    Anxiously waiting for more inside photos……

  8. Merino Mama says:

    Beautiful photo!

  9. mds9 says:

    We have a house chicken. A Bard Rock. She waits by the door for her chance. The dogs push the door open when they want out. Sometimes I don’t know she is in until I hear quiet content clucking sounds.
    One day I was in the back “reading”, when I came out the whole flock was hanging out in the entry/computer room. I herded them out, which wasn’t easy, everyone wanted to go in a different direction. After the broom and mop I was finish. The girls we’re out on the front porch preening and chattering about their adventure. I went back into the bathroom to get my book, and the house chicken was standing there contemplation the toilet. She looked up at me with a look “excuse me, some privacy here.” I picked her up scratched her head and put her outside.

  10. Linda Goble says:

    So you must of been able to count how many chickens you have when you moved so how many? and how on earth did you catch them to move them to the new farm? It is a very nice picture of them. I love that red door too. 🙂

  11. MMHoney says:

    My Dad’s cellar, when was “young”. was cold and damp. Dog food would not do well. It was a root cellar for potatoes, cabage, etc. Important to keep ventilation going. Canned food was on shelves above the potatoes and cabbage. It was made from hugh rocks just like your’s

  12. steakandeggs says:

    HAHA They look like they are in line for a Black Friday Sale.

  13. Chic says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that white with the red door and the bench and the chickens…you can’t get much more country than that 😉

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