The Crooked Little Hen Tree


Just in case you’re keeping up….

….the Crooked Little Hen has taken an apartment in this tree, on this branch. Every evening, as I finish milking Beulah Petunia, and I run water in her buckets as the dusk sets in, I watch the Crooked Little Hen fly up into this tree and settle on this branch. The Crooked Little Hen has always been an independent girl. I can’t get her in the chicken house. She escapes every time. She roosted on the porch for a time, then on the goat pen gates, and now she’s taken this address. She’s one of my oldest chickens, from my very first hatch. I figure she knows what she’s doing. If you want to send her mail or cookies, send to: The Crooked Little Hen, One Tree Branch, Shiitake Log Area, Stringtown Rising Farm, Walton, WV.

C/O: That Woman.


  1. bonita says:

    awww Chicks in Trees!
    That’s way to cute.

  2. Blessings says:

    That’s so funny! Love the address….

  3. Lisa says:

    What happened to her boyfriend?

  4. glenda says:

    That picture takes me back to seeing Grandma’s hens roosting in the old peach tree east of the house. They were white and all you could see was white blobs up high off the ground. I don’t think she even bothered to lock up the hen house at all.

    Crooked Little Hen is a survivor!

  5. marymac says:

    Wonder where she’ll go come winter and freezing temps?

  6. prayingpup says:

    Awww . . . . I always had to keep my chicken’s wings clipped (well ONE wing) and they couldn’t fly up – if they did, they flew crooked – it was kinda funny! Anyway, they had to stay in a fenced area – I so wish they could have been able to roam – Crooked Little Hen is probably a very happy girl!

  7. texwisgirl says:

    How cute! I like an independent streak!

  8. Cheryl says:

    Awww I love the crooked little hen…now she needs to try to persuade Mr. Hyde to join her :snuggle:

  9. Barbee says:

    Now that is just delightful!

  10. Sharon says:

    Crooked Hen knows best..there could be all kinds of wild animals walking down there, better to see them coming from up here. I love her independence and gumption. She is a smart one..let’s hear it for Crooked Hen!!!! :shimmy: :chicken: :cowsleep: :sheep: :woof: :pinkbunny: Everyone is cheering her on!

  11. BuckeyeGirl says:

    That would worry me, my 11 hens get locked up tight at night, but I don’t have Coco and Boomer to keep the raccoons and coyotes nervous either. (I’m sure you have them, but I’m also sure they’re nervous!) I may have to re-think the whole dog thing. hmmmmm….

  12. Mintamichelle says:

    What ever happened to her nest of slim blue eggs? Did you let her hatch them?

  13. Ramona says:

    She has a mind of her own that one.

  14. Angela says:

    Hey Suzanne!

    Now where was she hiding at your party? I didn’t see her and forgot to ask where she was! I didn’t get a picture of her….. :chicken:

    Angela :wave:

  15. Helen says:

    I just love the Crooked Little Hen…she is a maverick…like me :shimmy:

  16. Patrice says:

    We had a rooster that lived in a tree. He wouldn’t go in a building at night for anything. When winter came, he would stand up, shake off the snow, and try to fly down. It was hysterical! The tree was directly across from our upstairs bathroom, so if anyone turned that light on during the night he would start to crow!

  17. Helen says:

    I hope that she is careful of hawks.

  18. JOJO says:

    Suzanne, I have had the crooked little hen on my mind today, is she ok?
    Thank you,

  19. JOJO says:

    Thank you.

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