The Dog and My Homework


The screen in the screen door is torn out a bit at the bottom. The cats love this because it’s like a cat door. A secret cat door. Only it’s not a secret anymore.


He has become a fixture in the house. And oddly………. I don’t mind. Don’t tell him.

In other news, the dog ate my homework, and it wasn’t even Casper. There’s actually not really a dog involved, but everything else and the kitchen sink is involved, so I just wanted to let you know. Things going on here this week:

1) I wrote a feature article for the Charleston Daily Mail about the Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue. My editor loved it, and it’s going to appear in the Friday edition. I’ll post the online link when I have it. (UPDATE: Moved to Monday–front page!)

2) All the mulching. And the mulching!!!!! I’m at it again today. There are so many flower beds here, and they are large flower beds. While I’m not certain of what I may do in all of these areas eventually, for now, mulch is the answer until I figure it out. I can’t possibly manage weeding with this expanse of flower gardens. Preventative maintenance is my friend. While in some ways it’s a small thing, I feel it’s important for the people who come to the studio to have a beautiful experience, in as many ways as possible. This is a beautiful place, and I’m trying to take care of it. It’s too early for planting, but now is the time for pre-gardening.

3) A cow is coming for a sleepover. A long sleepover, that is. While BP and Glory Bee are at SarahGrace’s farm with the bull, she needs to send her young (too young to be bred) heifer here. I miss my cows, so I’m very excited to welcome Buttercup to Sassafras Farm for the duration. She’s coming on Saturday!

4) FENCING. I’m in desperate, dire need of fencing repairs and additions. Hay is running out while grass is growing. I’ve got to move animals. (Especially important with Buttercup’s arrival.) In the next week, fencing will rise to more importance than anything else. The superboys are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, but we may be rained out at least part of the weekend. If necessary, I will be pulling Dave and Matt off the studio to help get at least the minimum fencing done so I can start moving animals to pasture. This is a spring at Sassafras Farm like no other will be. This farm came with prepared fields and fencing–but much of it is in disarray and repairs are needed before animals can be moved. Plus, I’m doing some additional fencing to make the most of all that is available here.

5) The studio!!!!!!!!! So exciting. Sheet-rocking is the next step. Everything is taken down, and now it’s time for things to start going back up. (Fencing may create a few delays.)

6) Something else. Something important. (No, I’m not moving!!! Always feel as if I have to say that!) Something significant is going on this week. It’s a good thing. I can’t write about it yet, but I’m very excited about it. Excited like I have trouble eating or sleeping. That kind of excited. And pretty much, I can’t concentrate on anything else. Which is especially difficult because so much else is going on. I’ll tell you about it as soon as I can. But in the meantime, please bear with me. I’m excited.


  1. bonita says:

    You could make a mint as a professional tease!

    BTW Since you will be offering education classes at The Studio at Sassafras Farm, as well as doing some social service work, might you be able to structure the TSSF business as a not-for-profit? Can cover your salary and expenses and make it easier to fundraise for additional projects.

  2. Blessings says:

    I agree “You could make a mint as a professional tease!
    Just a thought….
    As your out in the fields it may be a good idea to scout for field rocks to eventually bring up by the studio and make a rock garden and maybe some tall grasses etc.. that would tend itself and look nice?
    Also would give you practice on the tractor..

  3. Snapper119 says:

    Argh! Killing me with the #6…….hurryhurryhurryhurryhurry, lol!

  4. Diane says:

    Goodness girl you love to keep us in suspense!!! You are keeping those boys very busy lately. 🙂 Love all the progress reports!!!

  5. prvrbs31gal says:

    I’m hoping it has something to do with an official book deal. But then again, you’ve published before so may be that wouldn’t excite you to the point of not sleeping (as it would me!) I would have guessed that the bees are arriving (I’m SO excited for mine to get here) but then you said you couldn’t write about it yet. So that brings me back to the book… or Morgan’s horse (which is another reason why the fencing is so important?!?!?!)

  6. guernsey_girl says:

    What could it be? Watching morning, noon, and night!

    I was thinking about that rectangle bed, can you fence it in and make it into your herb garden(nice and close to the house). you could also throw in some leaf lettuce, radish, and swiss chard for some early spring veggies, by the time your done with those, the herbs will have time to spread out and I think they are as pretty as flowers.

    My favorite perennial flower is the bearded iris. Its really pretty and low maintenance and won’t take over a flower bed. We live up north and are a zone 3-4, so I’m guessing it will grow well where you live. This summer I’m dividing up my irises in my yard so I could send some roots your way.

    Hope your fencing goes well!

  7. Linda Goble says:

    Why do you like teasing us. Don’t you realize it is torture for us. Good luck with all your projects. Casper loves it. Same thing happen to our screens old cat made a cat door and now it is a bigger one and now a dog door. Its a pain when I need to leave and I get her in one door and she goes out the door she help make. Cause she always know when I am leaving and when out she doesn’t want to come back in.

  8. Glenda says:

    I am sure glad you said it is a good thing! You don’t need any more bad things……

    It sounds like you are getting very organized and in control. Good for you.

  9. twyn says:

    #6 What’s his name and how’d you meet?

  10. shirley T says:

    Maybe!just maybe!we already know~Don’t worry~I won’t tell a soul. :heart:

  11. Jen says:

    I can’t wait to hear your news & I wish I were there to plant your flower beds – it’s one of my favorite things to do.

  12. stacylee says:

    I miss Clover!!

  13. stacylee says:

    And Spartacus!

  14. sunhurteyes says:

    I’m exhausted just reading about your mulching and fencing.

  15. whaledancer says:

    Hmm, cow-swapping. Could be the next big fad. Ya think?

  16. copgrrl says:

    I have to throw this out… did I miss something?? Is Coco coming home soon? I hope I did not miss the homecoming…

  17. Turtle Mom says:

    Could it be about 4-legged critters – perhaps a horse for Morgan, Coco coming home, or the arrival of baby goats? ALL of those would be sooooooo exciting! I cannot wait to hear your news!

  18. Katsat says:

    Why “non-practicing?” Practicing makes perfect!
    Love you for YOU, whatever you are now and whatever you are in a year from now!

  19. AnnieB says:

    Big time Congrats on the front page feature! That’s just so cool.

    And you are such a tease 😉

  20. Murphala says:

    I’m trying to remember…when you moved into your new farmhouse and you showed us your bedroom…was it painting it pink or having lace that was the big man-deterrent? I figured the ‘can’t talk about it” didn’t anything to do with romance. But yes, I’m curious now. Tease. 😉

    And congrats on the front page! Can’t wait to read it. But I do want to complain about the paper. I wanted to read your archived columns and I can’t get at them! Is there a trick or secret to reading your past columns?

  21. hoosiergal says:

    I bet Suzanne is excited because she has secured a BIG sponsor????Suzanne, if you’re excited, then we are excited for you, no matter what it is! hoosiergal
    Note– a new chicken house??????

  22. yvonnem says:

    Murphala, the above might help if you copy & paste. I noticed clicking on the link in the side bar doesn’t work.

  23. yvonnem says:

    I take that comment back, it does work…but it didn’t earlier for me. Sorry! (I’m tired and need to go to bed!)

  24. hdetwo says:

    I can not wait to hear about what you are so excited about. I think it is wonderful that you have help with your fences.

  25. Bev in CA says:

    Your project will look so nice when the sheet rock goes up. Hope you are putting in insulation, too. Not too overly expensive and in winter it will be so much more comfortable. Looking forward to your news. Enjoy having the boys home.

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