The Farmer Tries Again


A couple of weeks ago, we had taken Glory Bee out of the goat yard, along with the sheep (who went down to the meadow bottom), so that we could recover the goat yard for its intended purpose. Goats. SURELY Glory Bee was weaned by NOW.

Uh, no.

So, tired of the bad baby stealing my milk, today we brought her down to the meadow bottom. We’ve tried to take Glory Bee to the meadow bottom before, and she got out. This time we took her to the most secure field, the first field, where there are no creek crossings. We brought her a brand new round bale and everything.

As soon as we got down there, it started pouring down rain.

We had to hide in the old sheep shelter, waiting for the storm to pass. It never did pass, so I finally traipsed back up the hill in the rain.

Meanwhile, Glory Bee knocked down the field fence and got out again.

Okay. Next time. We’re getting another charger and putting electric inside the perimeter of the field fence in the first field.

And maybe putting up concrete block all the way around and putting her in a straight jacket.


  1. Hlhohnholz says:

    Hobbles? lol She’d probably still get out, just more slowly.

  2. Linda Goble says:

    Oh, MY she just loves her MOMMY!!!!!!!!!! By the way when or did Pokey have her baby? Good luck with Glory Bee!!!!!! She keeps you hopping.LOL. 😀

  3. chickenherd says:

    Yeah, I was wondering about Poky too… Poor little GB! :moo:

  4. Pete says:

    GB just wants to stay close to her peoples… :smilerabbit:

  5. Julia K says:

    She is one determined cow. Good luck keeping her in. 😀

  6. shell says:

    Poor baby, she wants to be with you!

  7. Flatlander says:

    Can’t you take her over to your neighbor with the cattle? leave her there for a while with some company to hang out with..and a cute bull? that will take her mind of mommy

  8. Flowerpower says:

    She’s a very clever determined cow. I expect it will take an electric fence to keep her where you want her. The bad baby strikes again! :happyflower:

  9. Cheryl LeMay says:

    Is she by herself or are the sheep with her? Maybe she’s lonely or just prefers the company of the goats?

  10. Glenda says:

    These milk cows and their babies… My problem is Willow doesn’t want to share her milk and refuses to let down….yesterday, I gave up and then milked her in the evening. She couldn’t control herself with all that milk. I got what I wanted and then let the babies nurse.

    She has always been crazy about the babies, but this year is worse than ever.

    I think the hot wire inside the perimeter is a good idea with GB.

  11. TinaBell says:

    I swear that cow just has an expression of “brat”!! That first picture tells all–the attitude, the defiance, the Bad Baby-ness! I feel for ya; electric fence will surely keep her in her place. Good luck…

  12. Jan Hodges says:

    Aren’t cows as bad as goats about being alone? Maybe she needs some company.

  13. CarrieJ says:

    She is a handful.

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