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–are fully responsible for the fence wire that is now attached at the barn loft window. The two pups, Chloe and Cookie Doe’s baby boy (who acts quite a bit like a pup), think it’s a hoot to run up and down the hay elevator and jump around inside the loft on top of the hay. Rascals.

Three updates today:

1) I’ve updated my Workshops page with more detailed info about my Create-Your-Own-Farm-Day workshops this fall. See the Workshops page.

2) I’ve updated the Camp & Breakfast page to add the full RV site and also bring-your-own-horses for trail riding information. See the Camp & Breakfast page.

3) While there is still much work to be done on my Farm Store page–adding more inventory and adding a shop plugin to make buying easier–I’ve put up my Sassafras Tea soap with information to order. I sold this soap out almost immediately and am making more! See the Farm Store page.

Also, both Shelley and April, who were at yesterday’s workshop, have blogs and may post their photos sometime soon. I didn’t take many photos myself, so you might enjoy seeing theirs. I hope they had a good time. You can watch their blogs here:
Shelley’s Intermittent Farm Report
April’s Flour Water Yeast & Salt


  1. BuckeyeGirl says:

    OK, as annoying as I’m sure this was, it’s also uproariously funny too. That’s what happens when you leave kids (and pups) to amuse themselves too long. They fund all sorts of fun things to do to amuse themselves. :happypuppy:

  2. copgrrl says:

    That looks wonderfully FUN!! I have to share that I met my goat that will be providing my milk in a herdshare I am a part of. The goats are Nubian oh so wonderfully gentle and fun loving! I am so lucky to be a part of herdshare here in Oregon.

    I live vicariously through CITR. I want to have more of a little farm but alas, I am trapped in the daily grind of a regular job and my day is stupidly full of driving to the bus park and ride, riding the bus, working for 8 hours then riding the bus to the park and ride then driving home. In a 24 hour day, that means with the 7-8 hours of sleep I see most of the remaining 16 hours (of the 24) taken up by this merry-go-round. Seems by the weekend I have just enough time to drive out to the country for my goat milk, then to another herdshare for cows milk. Then I can make some bread and maybe some cheese then the weekend is done. Crud! I need to figure out how to squeeze more time so I can work on my yard/garden.

    Anyway, thank you to Suzanne and all the great women I have met here in OR that give me that small opportunity to live vicariously through their adventures. Living in OR I feel my need, my desire to get closer to the earth and closer to one day living off the grid. My next big endeavor is to build a cob (earthen) oven to bake my bread and other goodies! Will post more when I get to that point!!

  3. TheEnchantedBath says:

    Oh, how funny! Too bad you didn’t catch it on video. I would love to have seen this.

  4. denisestone says:


    Yesterday we visited Columbia State Park (Calif) and I bought some homemade Sassasfras hard candy. Can you sell that in your store? I thought it was quite yummy.

  5. mrnglry says:

    That is way to funny, but just like kids! I had more fun as a kid playing in hay lofts. Denise…I’m sure you must have visited Columbia’s Candy Kitchen. We live close, so do love to spend time at Columbia. When our kids come to visit, that is the first place they want to go. Columbia Kate’s Tea House is worth a visit too.

  6. June468 says:

    There are several farms in MD and VA with “goat walks” that are big attractions. You can google goat walks and get pitures. One is at Westmoreland Berry Farm in VA and goes over the road to connect pastures.

  7. June468 says:

    Make that pictures. Me and the keyboard are not getting along. Might be from eating over it.

  8. Murphala says:

    Suzanne, thanks for the plug! I wondered where all those hits came from! Thank you again for a wonderful day…you’re even more amazing in person! And I HEARTILY recommend a weekend workshop with Suzanne, everyone…tons of fun, lots to do…she kept us busy and the day just flew by. Worth every minute of our drive there and I will definitely inflict myself on her again and be going back when I can get time to do so! I will always have great memories of the cherry crumble, rain pounding on the tin roof, and lots of fun activities.

    I’ll definitely have some photos up soon…when I ran out of memory card my friends took bunches and I’ll put them all up over the course of the next week or so.

    And on topic of this post, I was looking out of the studio window and (I think I actually got a picture of this) there at the very top of the hay elevator was a huge dog looking woebegone…no way to get in because that evil human had barred her. The goat was right behind. :woof:

  9. fowlers says:

    Well I have sent your information out to all of my girlfriends, I am going to do my best to talk them into a “Road Trip” looks like your about 4 hours away from us. We live in Hamilton/Oxford Ohio area, I’m thinking (scarry) (I’ve been told that I should not “think” to much, I spend to much $$ when I’m thinking! lol)any who, I may even be able to talk my husband into driving me & my son out your way:: we normaly go south, but I’m thinking a trip NE would suit me just fine! Glad you got that RV information out there!oh how I can’t wait!!!!!Suzanne, you know what they say!!”If you build it::they will come”
    Sandy aka Country Doodle

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