The Freshman


Today, Weston will be a high school senior one more time at his graduation, but yesterday, he was a college freshman at West Virginia University. He got to tour around Morgantown and the university, and enroll in his classes for the fall semester. He’s taking chemistry, calculus, two engineering courses, English, and a history.

The coliseum!

They give out a lot of free student tickets at WVU, so I figure he will be spending some time here.

He already has his housing assignment and even knows his dorm room number.

He’s rooming with one of his best friends from high school.

This is their assigned room.

He said it was hot, stuffy, and spartan. (And you wouldn’t believe how much they charge for that!)

Welcome to college!


  1. cabynfevr says:

    ….and within a week of them being there it will be awesome! Mini-fridge, microwave, fans in the windows, dirty clothes everywhere, Mom’s cookies crumbs! lol

  2. Ms.Becky says:

    oh my, I don’t remember my college dorm room as being that…spartan. I know we decorated the walls, and I painted a tree on the outside of my door one year. the beds and dressers were built-in and not as small. but that was years and years ago. things change. it doesn’t matter what the room looks like. he’ll be studying and sleeping there! not much time for anything else. it’s wonderful that he’s going to college and he has a full schedule so he’s going to be very very occupied with that. congrats on graduating high school and becoming a college student Weston! :yes:

  3. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Can they get those bunk-ish beds that allow the bed part to be set up fairly high (not as high as a regular bunk bed) and then the dresser and lots of storage is below? Those are a godsend in a dorm room where the storage and floor space is precious.

  4. DancesInGarden says:

    Actually, that room looks pretty big compared to dorm room standards around here. Although they might want to move the dresser over to between the beds (I know, it won’t be right against the wall – but what can you do?). That way they can use what looks like the rest of the bookcase that is hidden behind it ROFL.

  5. MissyinWV says:

    I love the new back pack! When I took my daughter to college the first time 2 years ago one of my favorite parts was getting the t-shirts and backpack! My least favorite thing was accepting that I was taking my daughter to college 🙂

  6. tdu1964 says:

    They use the micro/fridge combo to conserve energy and to advert disaster by not letting them bring power-outage inducing mega-micros and large fridges. And …I thought Weston would be in the “Honor’s Dorm”…it has a/c!

  7. NancyL says:

    Oh, those were the days! My dorm room (1962) had regular twin beds, double dresser, 2 desks, small shelf over the desks – but no fancy things like MW, fridge, etc. The phone was at the end of the hall the switchboard buzzed our room speaker if we had a call! The entire dorm shared 1 kitchen, but most meals were in the cafeteria. I remember my dorm years fondly – Weston will love it, especially having his best friend as his roomie, as I did for 2 years (then she got married and deserted me!)

    My daughter cried when Mom and I drove away and left her at college!!!

  8. broncobetsy says:

    As a WVU alum and having spent one year in the dorms, a couple words of wisdom – you can always find new friends to mooch off and use their appliances, soak up their AC, eat their food, get a ride back home, ect ect. On the plus side, Arnold has a notoriously good cafeteria, and its hours are longer than the other downtown cafeterias (I spent a year in Boreman). Alot of Weston’s classes will be on the other campus. Just tell him to remember to leave with alot of time to spare, the PRT is not exactly reliable, but they do run busses. WVU has the BEST recreation center EVER. He’s going to have alot of hard classes with teachers for whom English is a second language. Tell him to do himself a favor and take FOrestry 140 (or whateveer number it is now….its taught by Anothony Tomkowski at the Davis College of Ag. and Forestry…it might be called WV Natural REsources now). Its not an EASY class, but its interesting and Tony is a great teacher. Any electives he can fill with classes at the “Ag School” are worth it! (can you tell that’s where I got my degrees from?)

  9. Blessings says:

    Congratulations once again to Weston!
    Outstanding indeed!

  10. tdu1964 says:

    Had a feeling that was the case!! Best friends win over a/c every time!!

  11. Granny Trace says:

    Congrats Weston!!
    How wonderful.
    Granny Trace

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