The Gang’s All Here


The goats are always watching me. The cows, dogs, cats, sheep, ducks, guineas, and donkeys are always watching me, too, but nobody watches like goats watch. Goats are smart as tacks.

And extremely interested in their keepers. And food.

Most particularly, food. And so they watch me. Constantly.

If you can possibly get a goat in your life, I highly recommend it. It will make you feel so good about yourself, so important! As long as you have a cookie in your pocket.


  1. bonita says:

    How did you teach your goats to “perch” like that?” They sure do ooze personality.

  2. Tracey In Paradise,Pa. says:

    :hissyfit: I AM GREEN!! I WANT A GOAT SO BAD!!!

  3. JOJO says:

    I would love to have room enough for a goat, and as far as the cookies are concerned, we always have plenty of them–my idea of a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand,

  4. wildcat says:

    That’s a future calendar picture if I ever saw one! I love it! :happyfeet:

  5. Box Call says:

    Suzanne, how do you keep the goats away from your fruit trees and off the top of the vehicles? A neighbor here on the Mountain had a goat that was Houdini; it could escape from any enclosure, lead, barn, etc. The rascal stripped the bark off of every fruit tree he had, naturally killing the trees. For some odd reason the goats favorite perch was the top of a vehicle, any vehicle. Goat hoofs are known to scratch clear coat finishes on all vehicles apparently, so he got rid of the goat.

  6. Drucillajoy says:

    Beautiful…I have wanted goats for the past 30+ years. I may never get them, but in the mean time it’s very nice to see your’s…thanks

  7. texwisgirl says:

    That is just precious!!! All of your animals just ooze cuteness!

  8. IowaCowgirl says:

    I had “Eunice”, a beautiful Saanen, for years (until the neighbor’s huge dog …well that’s a sad story for another time…).

    She was SO COOL. She would ride in the back of my pick-up, hop onto the roof sometimes, and come in my Schoolhouse where I lived. She was the best weed eradicator too. I really miss her…..and SO SMART!!!

    Your goats look wonderful!!

  9. Wendy B. says:

    Yesterday I committed to a goat breeder to buy two pregnant goats!! I’m so excited!! And a little nervous too. (It’s uncanny how this post came the day after I made the leap!!) We’ll welcome both of the momma’s in late March or early April, right after the first doe gives birth. The other doe will be due in May. If we’re lucky enough to have doelings born, each of my three kids will raise them with the help of 4H. This will be new to all of us. A new adventure!! Perhaps, I may join as a “guest blogger” and let you all know how it goes, from day one, as a beginner with goats…? In the meantime I have LOTS to prepare, a barn, fencing, livestock equipment and probably lots more that I still have to think of. Wish me luck and courage!!

  10. Robyn says:

    If I ever move to a farm I want to have goats and sure hope they are as cute as yours are!

  11. Lori Skoog says:

    Great photo. You have some very sweet looking goats. I have had 3, and they used to go with us when we went cross country skiing. The only bad part, they would occasionally step on the back of our skies.

  12. Brenda E says:

    this is a great pic for next year’s calendar – that Nutmeg has the sweetest face.

  13. Miss Becky says:

    Look at those faces! I want a goat. :yes:

  14. NorthCountryGirl says:

    I wish I could have a goat. I had to get permission from the neighbors just to have my chickens. I would love to have a goat. Hmmmm! I could tell them it’s a very funny looking dog? Uhh, no. :hissyfit: Oh well, maybe someday.

  15. rain swazey says:

    :heart: I love-love-love this pic!! Miss my goats so-really hoping to have some again!! :happyfeet: Thanks for all the photos-keeps me grounded!

  16. Beth says:

    I’m with wildcat– that’s a calendar or Christmas card photo for sure! Doesn’t it just scream “posed family portrait”? Too funny.

  17. EBet says:

    Oh yes, I know the feeling!

  18. Sandra Daniels says:

    Love it! Goat trivia…if you stare back at a goat, you will notice they have rectangular shaped pupils! Your goats are cuter than mine. Mine are just some kind of ordinary African goats. What I really want are fainting goats, ’cause I know that would shock my Samburu (Kenyan) neighbors!

  19. Su-Su says:

    Love the picture!!! They remind me of my 4 hens. They come running everytime I open my back door! They watch me and follow me outside along the fence. I feel guilty when I don’t have a treat for them.

  20. Lisa says:

    Really love the picture !! They are so cute !!

  21. Melissa says:

    Don’t think I could handle it. I watched my parents dogs earlier this year and one of them was constantly eyeballing me. I had to hold up something between us to break the ‘spell’. Totally creepy.

  22. Ramona says:

    Cute picture. Clover always looks like she’s smiling.

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