The Leg Tie-Down Hook


There was a request for a close-up of the hook used at the goat stand in my new milking parlor. Here it is. It’s the same kind of hook I put up on the porch for hanging baskets. Tested with Cookie and a rope, I discovered Cookie Doe could kick and get the rope off the hook, so Adam bent the hook down to close it. Now she can’t kick off the hook. Ha.

It is set in place measured to the uppermost part of her leg. Now that it’s bent closed so that it’s like an eye hook, with her head in the headlock and her leg tied to the hook, she can’t get away.


  1. twiggityNDgoats says:

    You’ll have Cookie Doe milking like a pro before long. Great set-up!

  2. NancyL says:

    You’ll be making Cookie “Doe” ice cream before long!

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