The Little Hen That Could


First we had that determined duck mama, and now we have the hen. She’s a naughty hen to begin with as she escaped the chicken house and refused to be caught. Then she started making a nest, with eggs that were no good because she was out with no rooster. Then she started sitting on the nest. And then we felt so sorry for her that one time when she was off the nest to get herself a drink of water, we stole her eggs and replaced them with eggs from the chicken house that could be fertile since there are roosters in there. And then she hatched out five babies.
She hatched them out on Wednesday afternoon, hours before flood waters hit on Thursday. She kept the babies safe in the barn, and we’ve left the chicks with her–she is a very good mama hen and has kept all five chicks.


  1. Pam says:

    what breed is she?

  2. Glenda says:

    Take good care of that little lady. I think broodiness has been bred out of lots of today’s chickens. It is a great quality as long as you can find her nests and supply it with fertile eggs.

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