The Polite Dog Award


The cats have cat food, and regular access to it, but they like to snack on the dog food, too. Whenever I pour dog food in Gwennie’s bowl, the cats gather round. (You can see two cats in the photo. There were two more lurking outside the frame.) And Gwennie always does what you see her doing above. Lays down near the bowl–and waits politely for the cats to finish. Then she eats.

Morgan said, “You think this dog is going to guard you if someone breaks in the house? She lets CATS eat her food!”



  1. collector1 says:

    I’ll bet that she will protect you and the cats! :dancingmonster:

  2. jodiezoeller says:

    She just likes to share. Or maybe the cats have convinced her that they are the alpha animals since they were there 1st. My dog definitely doesn’t share his food with the cat. He barely likes to share the water bowl. Her food bowl is up in the kitchen window nook so that he doesn’t decide to chow down on cat food. Your animals get along so well! I think that’s a positive.

  3. Jen says:

    Of course she’ll guard you – she KNOWS the cats are not her enemy – or she knows she HAS to live with them.

  4. LisaAJB says:

    My Great Pyrn does the same thing! But our cats get a bit (ahem)… smelly if they eat the dog food, so we try and kick them out.

  5. beforethedawn says:

    LOL sweet Gwennie. Our little female cat hates dogs and attacks our Pyr now and then, never with a reason. It’s hilarious. She can’t hurt him thanks to all that fur, but he prefers to steer clear of her. I keep wondering if one day he will stand up to her. Probably not!

  6. pugwaggin says:

    Gwinn is a sweet girl. My 4 would be woolfing down every bite before the first cat showed up. By the way, I am following your advice about eliminating clutter. Today was the living room and my craft room. have a great day.

  7. jeandf says:

    The cats must be holding blackmail material over the dog. Hahaha!

  8. Stick Horse Cowgirls says:

    Of course she will! My daughter has a half Pyranees who was dumped as a puppy–He is red, weighs 115 lbs. now, and has the distinctive Pyranees toes and temperment! He guards the chickens, rabbits, turkeys, and farm cats and does patrol of their farm. He found a tiny yorkipoo puppy near their gate and carried him home safely in his mouth. He fights off coyotes at night!

  9. Stick Horse Cowgirls says:

    Oh, I almost forgot–his name is Cowboy and I will be posting about him with photos this weekend!
    Cowgirl V

  10. BuckeyeGirl says:

    My dog and cats all have free choice for their kibble, and the cats often wander up and have a nibble at the dog’s bowl. Dog allows it most of the time but probably thinks that it’s terribly unfair since their kibble is up on the steps where the dog isn’t allowed to go. Sometimes the dog will move up and nudge a cat out of the way, but it’s not at all aggressive so that’s ok. Besides, I’ve seen a cat nudge the dog out of the way too.

  11. Urbanite says:

    Yes, I do think that dog will protect you. An intruder is a threat. The cats are not. Is that Killer in the background? He is so beautiful!

  12. Leaves of the fall says:

    Ummm…. Morgan may have a point. 8)

  13. liz2 says:

    What a sweet love your Gwennie is!

  14. dmcfarland says:

    As sweet at the pic is of the housemates and Gwennie’s patience I have to add that dog food for cats is really a bad choice. Please research Renal disease and related issues with cats. Correct food choices can go a long way to ward off, delay or control Renal issues. UTI’s in cats is also a big problem and both issues can be life threatening. I unfortunately have more personal experience with this than I like and try hard to do my part as a pet owner to not add to the problem.

  15. Diane says:

    That is too funny. My cat guards the water bowl. The 2 dogs and cat share the water bowl and sometimes the cat will guard it and hiss and growl at the dogs. The dogs are 3 times his size too. Too funny to watch.

    About the cats eating the dog food. My vet told me that it would not do cats too much harm if they eat a little dog food. Mine has eaten dog food before if its something he likes. But cat food for dogs is not good because of the fat content? But if your cats are healthy and doing well I would not worry about it. I know some people my have problems but I think it depends on the animal. I have 3 healthy pets and they have eaten each others food for a long time now. Not that I let them mind you. They sneak into each others bowls. lol.

  16. KarenAnne says:

    Just to add to the dog food vs. cat food for cats, a mostly dog food diet for cats has insufficient taurine, without which cats will develop blindness and eventually die. So, glad to hear the cats don’t eat much of the dog food.

  17. Cousin Sheryl says:

    Hey, Suzanne! Your weather widget isn’t working. That’s how I know my weather (over the hill)! LOL

  18. UlrikeDG says:

    She knows the cats were there first!

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