The Pool is Closed


The ducks’ baby pool is frozen solid. (They could use one of those floating de-icers like BP has.) They have a large heated water bowl, which is sold for dogs and to add insult to injury must be shared with chickens.

I refill it several times a day, and while it’s not enough for the full-scale Roman bath they’d like, they can get their beaks in there and it’s enough to get through another frozen day.

They don’t actually agree that that’s enough.

And I say–



  1. Kelly A says:

    remind them of the ugly duckling who got frozen in the lake and had to be rescued!

  2. Teri says:

    :chicken: That’s so funny – I just took a picture of our duck pool today too – yep – frozen solid. Their shared water with the chickens is in the coop – I’ve noticed your water dish outside. Afraid if mine (chickens) had to touch their toes in the snow to get a drink they’d all die from dehydration. 😆

  3. Nancy Stickler says:

    My ducks would definately agree! I tell them every day, “just stay in the pen and be safe, the brook is frozen solid!” lol They won’t be happy till they see it for themselves!

  4. CindyP says:

    LOL! But they don’t look happy about it 🙂

  5. Ramona says:

    They look kinda upset there…..

  6. bonita says:

    Why did I think you were down to one duck?…Where did those mallards come from, are they just visiting?

    • Suzanne McMinn says:

      bonita, we were down to one duck last year but this past spring we got more. Those aren’t Mallards–they are related to Mallards, though (and look like them). They are Rouens, the domesticated version of Mallards. (Rouens are larger and heavier–and don’t fly.)

  7. texwisgirl says:

    They look like a tough crowd…

  8. 4jsMOM says:

    I’m sure they will be feel better after they make their HAPPY CARDS. It works for humans, it ought to do the same for ducks.

  9. joycee says:

    there’s always that part of society that expects more, DEMANDS more. Even if they weren’t born with silver spoons in their mouth, they ARE the squeeky wheels!

  10. Kelly in TX says:

    This one really did make me LOL!

  11. Barbara W says:

    Your ducks are beatiful. I use to get my son ducks for Easter. He loved them. At one time we had a big flock and hatching eggs.
    They all have their own personalities. I’m planning on raising a group of mallards this year.

  12. Deb says:

    I love the Happy Card idea, your post this morning could not have come at a better time.

    I haven’t actually made the card, but I have been thinking about what to put on it all day. I think “Pictures of Suzanne’s Critters” :chicken: are going towards the top of the card! Thank you Suzanne! :sun:

  13. whaledancer says:

    Now I know why ducks fly south for the winter.

    I have a picture in my head of what it would look like if they had a heater for their pool: all the ducks crowded into their hot tub, sipping margaritas and wiggling their little webbed feet…

  14. Jackie Georgiou says:

    Ha! Now that’s making iced tea out of, well… ice!

  15. Celia Allen says:

    Next thing you know they’ll all be over in BP’S tub swiming maway. Just saying! :duck:

    Mrs. Turkey

  16. Jane says:

    Lol! Now that just made me laugh!

  17. anna says:

    I guess a tank heater is out of the question for the pool? works great on stock tank we have for our geese!

  18. SophannE says:

    Suzanne, your photos are amazing. The double ducks-love love love

  19. Maureen Child says:

    Okay, this might be a really dumb ‘city girl’ question….but most ducks and birds fly south for winter, right? Don’t their little webbed feet FREEZE in the snow??

  20. Tink says:

    Is that chicken on a leash!!
    luv your citr


  21. Lisabeth Olson says:

    Leashed Chicken? sometimes I’d like to do that to mine, All 70 of them.

    You are such a hoot Suzanne, I can just see the wheels in your head turning all the time to come up with the things you write.
    Love your Blog. :wave: :shimmy: :snuggle: :snoopy:

    BTW: the package is still forthcoming!

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