The Power of the Path


Even with the snow melted, the animals still find–and follow–the path!


  1. NorthCountryGirl says:

    They are truly creatures of habit. How is Clover making out in the “mommy” department? Are you going to be a “grammy” anytime soon?

  2. Leah says:

    They must think it’s fun to follow the leader. There was a well worn path from our house to my Nanas farmhouse and we always walked on even when the field was mowed.

  3. Kelly says:

    This cracks me up!

  4. Ulli says:

    Cute! Animals are creatures of habit.

    Off topic–I just read in a magazine I get, Living the Country Life, a hint from a reader in VA who has chickens. He said he paints a 1 inch line of syrup of ipacac down their backs and on their tails to keep predators at bay. He hasn’t lost a chicken since he’s been doing that. I thought of you when I read it.

  5. KentuckyFarmGirl says:

    You gotta stay out of the mud somehow! LOL.

  6. marymac says:

    I love your pics of the animals. Just put that pic of Clover { the first one } with the goggles on my desktop. Just toooo cute. Thanks

  7. Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings says:

    The power of the leader of the pack or should we say herd too.~~Dee

  8. Barbee' says:

    Taking the line of least resistance. :yes:

  9. Julie says:

    Yes, I thought that too ~ creatures of habit! I’m one too!

  10. Arlene says:

    Yep animals do follow the paths. I know I have a fight every year with the dear that want to eat the hostas that I have for sale!! So I am trying hot sauce this year. Yep!! Tabasco….suppose to run them away! 😮 I love you pictures and stories!

  11. Sheila Z says:

    I see green. Faint green. Spring, it’s coming.

    Clover looks like she is walking the plank. Are you going to keelhaul her?

  12. ElizaRed says:

    Yep, this path reminds me of the one we had to the outhouse in MUD season……and the last few steps to the barn door….and in between the chicken houses ….taking the shortest (quickest) route when in a hurry!

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