The Studio Wall of Honor Preview


While I continue to work on getting all the photo rewards into the right hands, the Wall of Honor for the studio is also coming together.

The awesome CindyP is helping me with the poster. Or it would never be done in time for the opening of the studio. (You know me.) So, PLEASE take a look! Help us! If you are a studio backer, find yourself on the Wall of Honor. If you’re not there, let me know. I might have inadvertently had you on the “Anonymous” list. Or maybe you wanted to be anonymous and your name made it onto the list in error. Or maybe your name is incorrect. We’ve done our best to be accurate, but mistakes are always possible.

If you need a correction, you can either drop a note in the comments on this post, or you can email me at [email protected].

You can see the actual poster that will be printed and framed for the studio wall here:
Studio Wall of Honor Poster

You can see the page on my website where the list will also live here:
Studio Wall of Honor Page

The list of names on the poster and the page are identical, so feel free to look at whichever is easier for you to see. The poster is not yet printed so now is the time for corrections!

Thank you!


  1. yvonnem says:

    Very well done, I love it! :wave:

  2. CarrieJ says:

    Beautiful graphics!

  3. MousE says:

    Hello, it looks fabulous! May I change my cityMouse to In Memory of Catherine MacNeil? Is that ok?


  4. wvhomecanner says:

    Great job as always CindyP! What a wonderful way to do this!

  5. CATRAY44 says:

    I donated but did not want anything in return. I would love to have my name added to the others listed, though.

  6. princessvanessa says:

    I found where you have settled on the prices for using the studio and related ammenities. Very good! After the first few groups use the studio you should start getting more and more studio reservations as “word of mouth” kicks in.

  7. lavenderblue says:

    Okay, I made a very, very small donation and chose not to get a reward but in the spirit of community, I think I have changed my mind about being on the wall. I’d like to be a part of the whole thing. Would you mind terribly adding my name to the list, please?
    As lavenderblue, please.

  8. Jane L says:

    I would also like to be included on the list please. When I originally chose ‘no reward’ I meant it, but now I’m feeling left out;) So, if I can change my mind, I will, thank you – this is awesome! Sorry for any inconvenience!

  9. Jane L says:

    Oh, and CITR name if you don’t mind.. Thanks.

  10. doubletroublegen says:

    I am honored to be a part of the studio project!!! I get goosebumps seeing it all come together for you! :snoopy: I think you will be a very busy woman once you are up and running!

  11. Eva says:


    Thank you! You have started the seeds for something good. I am happy to be a part of it. Looking forward to seeing you at camp this fall.


  12. pensiero says:

    I made a small donation and would like my (real) name added to the list. Thanks!

  13. Lajoda says:

    While I made a contribution, I did not request my name on the wall or a gift, perhaps an addition at the botton of the list honoring all anonymous givers might be nice?

  14. hoosiergal says:

    I contributed 2 times and do not want a reward. However, I would like my name added to this. Thanks, hoosiergal

  15. CATRAY44 says:

    catray44 is fine, Cindy. I just want to be a part of Sassafras Farm history! :butterfly:

  16. MsVicki says:

    I requested no reward for my contribution but I also like the thought of being part of Sassafras Farm history.

    Just sent an email to the Kickstarter link.

  17. MMHoney says:

    Hi, Please add me but not my real name….

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