The Summer of Vegetarian


Nobody likes hoof-picking.

I think Morgan has liked her summer pretty well…..except for the food.

Weston is a vegetarian.

I don’t like to cook multiple variations of meals, so we’ve been eating vegetarian.

School starts for Morgan next week, and not long after that, Weston will be leaving to go back to WVU. The other day, Morgan said, “When Weston leaves, I want a HAM. I want a FEAST with everything. Mashed potatoes, peas, rolls, green beans, and that cheesy corn thing you make. I DON’T CARE IF WE’RE JUST TWO PEOPLE. I WANT A HAM AND A FEAST.”

I’m totally on board.

P.S. Remember the pet portrait giveaway? Artist Kelly Walker has finished the winner’s portrait of her dog Sasha. You can see it here!


  1. Deliafarm says:

    Ha ha ha! My youngest shares Morgan’s pain! Except her sister is VEGAN, no meat, no eggs, no dairy (yes, we have chickens and a lovely local, organic dairy). Her request for when this sister leaves: BACON! She says ham would work too, along side the bacon! :snoopy:

  2. princessvanessa says:

    Makes me think of the cartoons where a character looks at an animal (like a pig or turkey)and they visualize it cooked and on a platter. I bet you and Morgan are almost to that point. lol That DOES sound like a feast!!


  3. outbackfarm says:

    Suzanne, y’all need a pig or two! Then she can have all the ham she wants. She is so funny. And that drawing or painting is beautiful. Looks just like the photo. Kelly is really good.

  4. fowlers says:

    Poor kid! poor you:::Yep, I would be gnawing on me the side of a steer about now:::::MOOOOOOO! God love ya’s::lol

  5. DancesInGarden says:

    I would be so tempted to cook up some veggie bacon to fake her out ROFL! One time I made a fake tofu turkey (out of plaster, even made those frilly paper things and stuck them in LOL) and convinced my parents that it was thanksgiving dinner. I even glazed it to make it look all shiny like tofu LOLOL! Had it on a platter with lettuce leaves and grape tomatoes, lovely as a picture in a vegan magazine. Want me to mail it to you for your “feast”? JK, the kids took it outside and beat it with a stick afterwards – lmao!

  6. Darlene says:

    A big thank you Suzanne and Kelly for the drawiwng. I still can’t believe I won 🙂 I checked out the site and the painting is beautiful. Looks just like Sasha, I can’t wait to receive it!
    Thank you!!!

  7. yvonnem says:

    It won’t be just two of you if you invite guests to enjoy the feast! :hungry:

  8. KarenAnne says:

    Morgan can cook, right? So if she wants animals for dinner, she can make dinner herself.

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