The Ungarden


I admire, envy, even stalk other people’s neat and tidy gardens, but there is something comforting and relaxing about a garden that isn’t that orderly. Our garden takes its shoes off, lets its hair down, and says, don’t worry, be happy!


  1. Tracey In Paradise,Pa. says:

    :woof: your garden is right up my alley!! looks alot like mine..
    Hugs Grany Trace

  2. CindyP says:

    Just my kind of living! Remember, there are people who only live to garden…you live to do sooooo many other things!

  3. Carol says:

    My garden is a jungle, but I still bring home the veggies.

  4. glenda says:

    I have both. My new garden and orchard is a long open rectangle that I can mow around and the rows are far enough apart I can till down the weeds.

    The backyard kitchen garden is a veritable jungles where you have to duck under fruit trees, walk around a cattle panel hoophouse, duck the briers of the blackberries and raspberries and just let the weeds go.

    I have to confess I like the new, neat one better!

  5. heidiannie says:

    Let sleeping garden lie- just plunder them for veggies!
    Besides, you have baby goats to distract you. 🙂

  6. scorwin says:

    I usually have a neat and tidy garden but this year I don’t know what happened. Too many vine plants and too busy with the horses I think. If you notice on my blog I’ve stopped taking pics of the whole mess, just little parts of a plant or two!!

  7. Runningtrails says:

    I have both too! My lasagna garden is neat and tidy. The vegetable gardens are a mess but they still grow veggies! If I can get the cardboard I am going to make more lasagna gardens!

  8. Amy Manwell says:

    Suzanne like you I greatly admire a neat and tidy garden but also like you my garden likes to let its hair down and just relax. I just love my garden like that it is a great reflection of how I like to live. I try not to get hung up on perfection as we are all perfect in our own ways. Oh HAPPY days!!!

  9. Nancy says:

    :chicken: I think that’s what mine is TRYING to tell me!

  10. northcountrygirl says:

    My garden started out neat and tidy and steadily went downhill from there. I even have the tomatoes in Grow boxes and the potatoes in Grow pots. You’d think it would be easy to keep up with. Other than putting up a chicken wire trellis for the tomatoes, everything just kind of “hung out” of the containers. The potatoes plants are turning yellow and look like they were hit by a tornado. Only my parsley sits there all prim and proper and neat. Hmmph! There’s always one in the bunch!

  11. nerosmom says:

    It’s so hot here (Mobile, AL) that we plowed our garden under about a week ago and we plan to plant again in a couple of weeks. This is our first year so I guess I will learn but apparently here you plant in February to harvest in May/June and in August to harvest in November???

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