The Wonder Cat Strikes Again


Spice, the Wonder Cat, is up to her old tricks. Formerly, I only had a problem with her opening the door when she was ready to let herself out of the house. I mean, why wait for that Woman to let you out when you can let yourself out?

In case you missed this video:

If that wasn’t bad enough, now she has figured out how to open the door from the outside to let herself IN. Of course, she still doesn’t close the door behind her. This is particularly amusing when it’s 20 degrees.

I’ve taken to locking the doors all the time. I’m waiting for her to figure out how to use a key next…..


  1. Nancy K. says:

    FUNNY! That is one smart, kitty. I’m glad she’s yours, not mine…

  2. Beth says:

    The buggers are alot smarter than we give them credit for! :purpleflower:

  3. MMHONEY says:

    Why not make her an aporn with a pocket for the key. Otherwise the key will get lost.
    aybe Georgia could come to your rescue. MMHoney

  4. Karen Anne says:

    Yeah, kitty 🙂

    The first time I saw one of my cats do this, I thought, I better hide the car keys.

    Is a cat door not possible? I guess you’d have various other critters in the house and so on.

  5. texwisgirl says:

    Such a smart and persistent kitty! But of course I’d expect nothing less than brilliance from your animals! 🙂

  6. Su says:

    She so smart, teach her to feed the goats, so you can stay inside when it’s freezing. 🙂

  7. Katheine Jenson says:

    Watch out or she will start conspiring with Clover! No doubt about it!

  8. Bertie says:

    Thanks for re-posting this video, I had completely forgotten about it! As a cat lover I’m simply amazed at how smart they are! Of course, ALL the critters at CITR are amazing!! Thanks Suzanne!

  9. bonita says:

    I don’t think that’s what was meant when folks designed ADA compliant door knobs! Can she shower and wash dishes as well?

  10. Lindsay says:

    Hahaha, that video just made my day, she’s such a crafty little thing! And, I’m suddenly very thankful that we have round doorknobs!

    My favorite is when she saw that she was being watched and went to cleaning herself like she was trying to fool you into thinking she wasn’t plotting her way out of the house.

    I’m definitely NOT letting my kitties watch this!

  11. Ulrike says:

    When we lived in Germany, one of our cats used to LET THE DOG OUT! We’d get home and the neighbors would be like, “Your dog was in the stairwell again.” We finally started locking him in his kennel whenever we left the apartment, and that’s when we discovered that he wasn’t letting himself out. The CAT was doing it.

  12. Michele says:

    But she looks so cute… :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun:

  13. Miss Becky says:

    Spice has an adorable face! But I’ve never met a kitty I didn’t love! And she’s a smart one too! :yes:

  14. Nancy in Iowa says:

    I have the same door handles, but thankfully the front door handle is a tad too high for Emma! She knows that’s the way out, and she even seems to know when the door is unlocked, but try as she might, she can’t reach it! I don’t think I’ll let Emma watch the video, either, as she could learn something from Spice!!!

  15. Luann says:

    Oh too Funny! I am glad my cat is just a miserable growling cat since the move yesterday! If she figures out how to open doors, I am sending her your way Suzanne! (Just kidding, I have had her about 10 years now).

  16. Amy Tipton says:

    That is just the cutest. How smart she is.

  17. Linda Segerson says:

    So brother has a video of his cat opening the cabinet doors in his house. He walked into the bathroom one night before turning the light on and bumped into the door with his knee “ouch”.

  18. rileighsmom1 says:

    oh my how funny! What a smart Kitty!

  19. Cheryl LeMay says:

    About those round doorknobs…One of our cats has figured out how to open one by jiggling the doorknob enough so it unlatches and he pushes it open.

  20. princessvanessa says:

    Cats do pay attention to our daily actions and then try to copy us. They are, indeed, very smart.
    I had a longhair Manx that once opened the cabinet door where I kept the catnip. One day I came home to find the dining-room carpet covered with what I thought were dry grass clippings. Jake had opened the cabinet and spread the catnip all over the dining-room floor. The cat was zonked out in the living-room.

  21. Lisabeth Olson says:

    Funny, sounds like you have some training to do girlfriend! She will stop at nothing. GO Kitty!! :help: :help:

  22. Karen Anne says:

    Yes, round doorknobs are also turnable by kitties.

  23. wildcat says:

    Well, if Morgan could teach Spice how to close the door after letting herself in or out, then it wouldn’t be so bad. LOL

  24. Ramona says:

    Yup, letting all the heat out….not a good thing.

  25. northcountrygirl says:

    I have a cat, Bad Kitty, who has opposable paws…yes, she can and does open doors with round knobs. I make sure the doors are shut and the latch clicked. She still opens the doors. I can’t figure how she does it as you can’t catch her in the act. Miss Houdini does it somehow and it wouldn’t surprise me if she and her feline cohort, Sweetie, are playing cards and smoking behind closed doors!!!

  26. AnnieB says:

    You can really see she understand the “cause and effect.” She hangs on the door handle, then tries to pull the door open. Just doesn’t realize she hasn’t pulled the handle hard enough. What an intriguing video to watch! Many animals are smarter than some humans I know . . .

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