These Two


It makes me so happy to see these two together. I’ve never seen Coco happier. I’m so glad I got Chloe as a companion in the field for her. They have a lot of fun together every day. They’re never bored or lonely–they have each other for canine companionship, and a barn yard full of sheep and goats to guard.

It’s been nine months since Coco’s big accident. She is probably as recovered as she will be, and while I wouldn’t call her recovery 100 percent, I would call it 99.9. I can detect a limp to her lope when she runs–but I am looking for it. It’s barely perceptible most of the time. It doesn’t slow her down, that’s for sure. Considering at the time there was a question as to whether she would ever have use of the leg at all, it’s amazing. And her happiness in the field now with Chloe–

–that is just a joy to behold every day!


  1. cin13 says:

    : :heart: :snuggle:

  2. wanda1950 says:

    They are beautiful. I’m so glad Chloe has recovered so much.

  3. yvonnem says:

    That’s great how well they get along. I remember when you first posted about a companion for CoCo, some readers thought two female Pyr’s weren’t such a good idea, but you were right!

    Did you feel the earthquake today? I did, freaked me out for a few seconds! I felt my house shake, very briefly, thank goodness!

  4. brenda s okie in colorado says:

    And they call it lo.oo.ove. Sorry, saw them together and thought of this old Paul Anka song.

  5. Diane says:

    They look like they make a good pair. Glad Coco is all recovered and happy doing her job again. 🙂

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