They’re Good When They’re Asleep


And then they wake up.

Sailor, last night, out AGAIN.

The animals got together and this whole thing the past few days is a conspiracy, I just know it.


  1. Kathy in KY says:

    It’s the talk of the barnyard – let’s see who can escape next and drive Suzanne crazy! Soon it will be Mutiny on the Bounty all over again! Oh the Horror! :whip: Time for Suzanne to get out the whip!

  2. Lea Bergman says:

    You should read “Click Clack Moo, Cows that type” by Betsy Lewin! It’s a kid’s book about cows that get a typewriter, start making demands and then go on strike, the ducks act as the go between. Hopefully your animals are not organizing. Love your blog, Lea

  3. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Is that Poky telling Sailor how to get away with stuff?

  4. Rose H says:

    And it’s not like you don’t have enough to do is it?
    (Forgot to say on an earlier post – love that the other kid is called Pirate! 😆 )

  5. Blessings says:

    I Love their markings, they are to cute to be bad! ~~HUGS~~

  6. CindyP says:

    Pure cuteness! That Sailor…taking liberty whenever he feels like it!

    BUT I’m pretty sure it’s not too hard for a foot tall little wriggly thing to get out.

  7. smilingcow says:

    :chicken: Thank goodness you are keeping your sense of humor! My animals go on benders during which they constantly escape. This time around, its my llama. For two years she never broke loose. Now…..she breaks out everytime I turn around!

    Good luck


  8. whaledancer says:

    Must be the call of the wild. Or Beulah Petunia has been telling them all stories of her exciting adventure into the great unknown, and now they all have a taste for it.

  9. Sonia says:

    LOL!! He is a crafty little fella. That’s our Sailor 🙂

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