Time in the Woods


Where’s Suzanne? Taking advantage of the last few days of gun season on does to see if I can accomplish something more than walking and sitting in the woods.
My neighbor took me under his wing today, likely due to pity for repeated failed efforts, and took me out this morning. He put some corn out on my farm at a spot he thought would be good, and sat me down out there this morning for several hours while he walked all the way around the ridge in an attempt to run deer at me. Though he didn’t see any deer and neither did I.
This is a very pretty spot to sit, though, on a rock overlooking a ravine. And if you’re going to go hunting, I’ve learned that you better like walking and sitting in the woods. Because that is MOSTLY WHAT HAPPENS.

I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Joell says:

    Suzanne, are you not supposed to be wearing a bright orange thingy when out hunting in the woods? Those deer are so smart.

  2. brookdale says:

    Glad to hear from you, Suzanne! Is that someone dragging out a deer at the bottom of the cliff in the picture?
    Ross must not be home yet or he would probably be out hunting with you.
    Good luck! And a Happy New Year!

  3. jodiezoeller says:

    I’m not much good at sitting quietly and waiting. Probably why my Dad never took me hunting or fishing. LOL. I did go fishing a couple times but he said I wanted to go back to our ‘cabin’ and cook it after I caught a little perch. So I gave up on fishing at age 6 and never got to the hunting lease except in the off season when there were no deer to scare away by making too much noise. I would like to learn now but there is no one to teach me unless I can talk my step-son into it. My Dad’s hunting guns were all given away years ago. I still have his old binoculars but they don’t work well any more. I guess I’ll just go and visit the woods when I get a chance and think about my Dad and fond memories of our ‘cabin’ in the woods… it was an old WWII quonset hut with outhouse to accompany it. The best part was the brick BBQ pit out back where he made some killer BBQ brisket, chicken, sausage, meat loaf, corn, potatoes, onions etc. anything you could smoke or grill, he did out there. It was great!

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