Tiny Harvest


We’re threatened with frost tonight, so I harvested. Luckily, there wasn’t much to it since I’m sick and all, but I managed! The little jalapeno peppers looked reasonable, but these were the biggest of the tomatoes. I think they’re Roma tomatoes, so picking them seemed almost criminal at this point. I only picked the biggest, and together with the peppers, they will make a half-decent little stir-fry or might end up on pizza. I left the majority of the tomatoes–they were just tooooooo tiny.

I covered them up with plastic for tonight. We’re supposed to be getting a couple more good weeks after tonight’s frost, so I decided to go with the chance that they will get bigger. I also have herbs in there that still need cut to dehydrate, so I’m hoping to save it all.

Despite the pathetic nature of my little unexpected harvest, it felt good to be picking something from my own garden. I hope next year I will be able to plant a real garden!!! I still do not have a garden space prepared–it was not top on the list of infrastructure development this year. Animals first. But I am hoping next spring I can manage something so that I will have a real garden!


  1. Debbie Burgess says:

    Suzanne, throw an old sheet over those herbs instead of plastic. Moisture won’t get trapped against the leaves and “burn” them.

    I can’t believe it’s frost time already. 😥

  2. yvonnem says:

    I think the plastic will be fine, as long as you don’t leave it on after it warms up…IMO. Neat little harvest, hope you get to enjoy it, pizza sounds good. (Morgan can make the dough for her sick mom, right?)

    Hopefully, you will have a bit more time next year to plant a garden. You surely have a wonderful farm to do so.

  3. jamitysmom says:

    I’m surprised too – that you will have a frost already Suzanne! I’m in New England and we haven’t yet had a frost! Won’t be long though. My tomatoes are just about died out and the tomatillos. I did pick the last of my peppers, hot and sweet. I still have a small patch of basil that is in a window box that’s doing pretty well. I’m thinking of bringing this in to the unheated breezeway to see if I can prolong that beautiful fresh basil smell! Love just brushing my hands through it! Not enough for pesto but a few leaves here and there in a sauce, heaven!

  4. whaledancer says:

    I look forward to reading about your adventures in gardening (especially now that you’re a master gardener). Will Georgia be acting as senior advisor?

  5. lattelady says:

    I am in eastern WA state, and we have had frost the past week. Old sheets work fine.

  6. cin13 says:

    I’ve just been reading Ruth Stout’s book “How to have a green thumb
    without an aching back:a new method of gardening”. If you get a chance to read it…..It might make things a little easier for you next year. :wave:

  7. roosterrun says:

    Your tomatoes look like they may be grape tomatoes. Very sweet and delicious.

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