Today In My House


I started a fire in my wood stove this morning. Because I can. Because I have lots of wood! You can see on my ottoman that I also have yarn out. I’m getting ready to do some crochet projects. The urge to crochet always comes on me in the late fall. I love to crochet in the cold months. It’s something fun to do inside by the fire. I’m getting ready for winter all around, which included making a shopping trip to stock up on my yarn stash!

Also in my house today is this naughty girl.
Chloe. Who is once again driving me crazy as I attempt to once again get her contained. She was contained yesterday, but was right back on the back porch when I got up this morning. She will run off when she sees my hired men coming–she knows they’ll be here to try Plan #825,619 to contain her. So she’s confined to the house until they arrive!


  1. Granma2girls says:

    Hmmmm….wish I had a fireplace to enjoy.

  2. PaulaA says:

    We haven’t had a fire yet, and I’m a little nervous since we haven’t had the chimney cleaned! It’s been warmish here in PNW with highs in the 60s. And that is really ok with me!

  3. glasslass says:

    Good luck with Chloe as I have a dog that we’ve never been able to keep in the fence and the only way to keep a lead on is to put two collars on.

  4. Joell says:

    You need Chloe to complete the picture of a perfect fall evening, crackling fire, crocheting with your feet up on the ottoman and Chloe by your side.

  5. Mandys says:

    Do you still have Gwen in the house too? 🙂

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