Transplanting Lambs


Lamb’s ear, that is! Which also could sound disgusting, huh? Lamb’s ear, THE PLANT.

Though this kind of lamb’s ear is pretty cute.

Okay, back to lamb’s ear, THE PLANT.

I’ve got this lamb’s ear growing out of rock at the edge of the “grassy knoll” that will soon be covered up with the expanded studio deck. Turns out, there’s not much growing on this grassy knoll but grass and weeds, and since it’s an inconvenient area–and also because I need to do some deck expansion to allow for more room (and including a handicap-access ramp), I’m getting rid of the problem by covering it up with decking. I like the lamb’s ear, though, so I moved it to the stone-lined garden bed (which will remain).

It’s looking a little gimpy right now, but I think it’ll make it!


  1. Jane L says:

    Shame you couldn’t put in another set of double doors on that wall, but that’s where the sinks are, yeah?

  2. Jen says:

    Do you know some people think the bloom on lamb’s ear smells like Hubbab Bubba bubblegum – what do you think? Also, if you cut them back about halfway they’ll put energy into growing new roots instead of recovering the blooms.

  3. LMDIAS says:

    They might look a little gimpy, but they’ll make it and the best part is they’re low maintenance, not to mention how wonderfully soft they are(like a lamb’s ear);)

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