Trimming Up


Today, it’s trimming time in the studio. Every day, it looks more and more finished.

Meanwhile, I was motivated by my tree planting post and I picked up two pear trees at the garden center. Ross and I got them planted, and I’m calling the orchard done. I promised Ross no more trees! He told me digging holes is his least favorite thing to do. I said, “But you’re so good at it!!”


  1. STracer says:

    Studio is really looking good and the trees are going to be so pretty. I think though, that after X number of months at sea with no sign of dirt to even consider digging a hole in Ross just might change his mind, for a minute. 8)

  2. jamitysmom says:

    It really is amazing how far you have come in so little time! I get exhausted just reading about your adventures. The studio is looking so good, you must be so excited! The trees will be beautiful. I do hope you decide to put in some berry bushes though – I really miss the raspberries we used to grow and they are so expensive to buy, jeepers! I can only look at the ones in the grocery stores. We have blueberry bushes and they seem to produce more some years than others. Hoping this is a good year. I think I’ll go order some raspberry bushes – you’ve inspired me yet again, thank you!

  3. Murphala says:

    *persimmons!* she whispered. 😉 Sorry…just commented on the tree-planting post so I had to come over here and be obnoxious again…

  4. TeaCup says:


    Do you think they’d sell me one of those sweatshirts? I WANT one! (I got into the book biz originally because of my Oz collection. Well, it sort of started with my Mom meeting my Dad by selling him books, but my interest was started with the Oz books I inherited from Mom & my brother!)


  5. Old Geezer says:

    I am ex-Air Force myself, but I have had friends in the Silent Service. I believe this command is painted inside every submarine:


    I think Ross will be pleased.

  6. holstein woman says:

    Studio is looking really good. I bet if Ross was asked he would do more. Nice help you have, yeah..

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