Tuesday, The New Sunday


Not to confuse the fact that this isn’t even Tuesday. It’s Wednesday. I know that. Really!

I had some major prep going on last week for the two days of canning camp retreat, then along with the two days of actual workshops on Saturday and Sunday, that was followed up by a private soap half-day on Monday with some attendees who wanted to stay over a little longer. Tuesday, I took off like it was a Sunday. I was so tired. But! The canning camp retreat was awesome–I want to show off the pretty jars. Here is everything we canned!
Left to right, that is chicken, pinto beans, chicken and vegetable soup, and corn cob jelly.
And left to right in this photo: Bread and butter pickles, salsa, chicken (again, and so on, I had to take separate pics to get them all in with some detail).
We also dehydrated fruits and fruit leathers along with herbs and pork jerky. Equipment used and demonstrated included the steam juicer, steam and boiling water bath canner, pressure canner, meat grinder, Vitamix, vacuum sealer, and the Excalibur dehydrator. It was a great weekend, packed full of food processing and preserving! The attendees were awesome, and co-teacher Dede was amazing as always!


  1. Joell says:

    :happyflower: :happyflower:
    What a lovely display of homemade goodies. I would keep them on display in my kitchen just to look at. My Grandmother always had a cellar full of beautiful jars of canned goods, they raised all of their food and had an orchard and grapes. I remember when canning time came, it was a hot and laborious job, their farm didnt have running water, and there was a big iron stove in the corner of the kitchen where my Grandmother cooked, she did her canning with a big metal canning kettle and there must have been hundreds canning jars, some times the ladies from neighboring farms would take turns helping each other with canning. What wonderful memories I have of my Grandparents and their farm and the life there.

  2. Cousin Mark says:

    PORK JERKY…………… is that not what is called Bacon???????? Cuz you are teasing us and it is cruel and unusual punishment without pictures, recipes and samples!!!!!!!!!!!!

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