Morgan turns 20 in a few days.
For the first time in years, I won’t have a teenager.
They’re all in their twenties.
My little girl is a young woman.
I made her birthday dinner this past weekend, early, because she won’t be taking a break from college again for awhile.
Her boyfriend joined us for the birthday dinner (shrimp, her favorite) and I gave her a custom t-shirt that said “Don’t Make Me Go All Velociraptor On You! (one of Morgan’s madeup sayings) and some slipper boots.
Happy birthday, beauty!


  1. Joell says:

    It does not seem possible that she is turning 20, my how time times flies.

  2. Cousin Sheryl says:

    NO! She cannot be 20! Where has time gone from the little gal who tried to order Domino’s Pizza from the farm house? The kid who let me help her with her Social Studies projects so I could use all by crafty stuff and “help her” bedazzle her teachers! The girl who use to leave her “lost and dirty” unmatched socks in my spare bedroom when she bunked here during snowstorms!

    I miss you, Morgan! I hope you have a super, fantastic birthday!
    LOVE YOU BUNCHES! :heart: :snoopy:
    Cousin Sheryl

  3. Cousin Sheryl says:

    my (not by) {spell check}

  4. Louise says:

    Happy Birthday Morgan. How did she get to be 20 already. She is a beautiful girl. They just all grow up too fast.

  5. Starfish says:

    She is indeed a beauty Suzanne. Congratulations on making 20 Morgan!! Looks like you’ve done a fine job with your kids……they keep coming back. 🙂

  6. yvonnem says:

    Wow, this makes me realize how long I’ve been reading your blog! Happy Birthday, Morgan!! :snoopy:

  7. jodiezoeller says:

    Wow! Happy Birthday Morgan!!! Enjoy college!

  8. Hlhohnholz says:

    Happy Birthday, Morgan!!! Thanks for sharing a pretty big chunk of your life with us.

    Oh, and sometimes? People just need to be “gone velociraptor” on. Just sayin’.

  9. Snapper119 says:

    Happy 20th Morgan!

  10. cinderbama says:

    Happy Birthday Miss Morgan! She is indeed all grown up. But I’m glad to see she hasn’t lost her sense of silly humor. Hope she never outgrows it!

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