Unexpected Addition


I woke up Sunday morning to Casper barking barking barking, unstoppable. I came downstairs, opened the back door, and saw this:
Apparently, it rained kittens. Or at least one kitten. So of course I took him inside. It was bad timing because I’m getting ready to leave for Oklahoma for Weston’s Army basic training graduation, but I have neighbors taking care of the farm while I’m gone and the kitten will also be taken care of. More about kitten when I get back.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma, here I come! Can’t wait to see Weston!


  1. cindyinohio says:

    Congrats Weston!!!

  2. wkyangel says:

    Have a safe trip! I know you’re looking forward to seeing Weston!

  3. nanaK says:


    What a cute fur-baby!! IMO, I think an appropriate name would be … Lucky.
    Either it was dropped near your home, or it really did rain kittens ~ This is the same way I acquired a kitten, when I lived in western N.Y. in the country. That one turned out to be a great companion & a very well behaved pet.

  4. VictorianGirl says:

    Oh my goodness what a little cutie. Looks a lot like our Charlie when he was a baby.

  5. emmachisett says:

    Sorry, but I must chastize poeple who think that “dropping off” a cat or a dog “in the country” ensures their continued well-being. Hope this is not how your newest little fellow “found” his way to you. I live on a little crossroad between two highways and it is so convenient for irresponsible people to DUMP pups and kittens and then roar off. This is how we “acquired” all of our farm animals/pets! Please people…THINK…doggies and cats want a “forever” home and if you can’t or won’t provide that…don’t even think about bringing them into your home ~ walk away.

  6. holstein woman says:

    Such a pretty kitty cat. He knew where to come get a great home. Fresh cows milk, animal cookies, warm beds, friendly animals.etc….
    Congratulations to Weston, be Careful and have a GREAT TIME.

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