Valentina and Hickory


Valentina and Hickory, sitting in (under) a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g! Hickory may be little, and young, and he may need a downhill start at it or a ladder, but he’s doing his best! He’s after Valentina all the time. He’s eager, willing, and appears to be able!


  1. Marigene says:

    Get that boy a ladder! 😆

  2. mtnmedx says:

    Ooooh~ sweet boy!
    On a totally different note: I tried your recipe for home made Velveeta and it was WONDERFUL! (sorry for yelling but it was WONDERFUL!) It was easy and the kids loved it. It only lasted about 36 hours in the house before being completely devoured. And I made #2! I’m not even sure how I found the recipe. I wasn’t looking for a Velveeta stand in. I just stumbled on it. Lucky me! THANK YOU!!!

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