This shadowy, hunch-backed figure hiked two and a half miles in the snow over our impassable road to rob our farm, stealing away clothing and other items that belong to Weston and Morgan. Then he returned to my cousin’s house.

In fact, I think it WAS Weston! But it’s hard to say because I haven’t seen much of him lately. The kids remain at my cousin’s house, within reach of civilization (and school), until the weather improves.


  1. rain says:

    Smart country kid with his back pack under his coat!!-Hope he has plenty of things for Morgan!! :shimmy:

  2. Cheryl says:

    I think he deserves an Olympic medal! And lots of hugs and hot chocolate.

  3. carsek says:

    I hope he has his long johns on under there. 2 1/2 miles, what a great kid!!

  4. ticka1 says:

    That’s a great young man – walking 2 1/2 miles in the snow – across the river fork to get stuff for his siblings! Then to walk 2 1/2 miles back out! Give him some hot chocolate!

  5. NorthCountryGirl says:

    Give Weston a big hug for his efforts! You’ve got great kids!!

  6. CindyP says:

    Wonderful son! and to do it for his sister….well, her foot is in a cast, so she very well couldn’t do it!

    He can now say…..when I was a kid, I had to walk 2 1/2 miles…. 😆

  7. kerri says:

    Good on Weston! It’s very thoughtful and kind of your cousin and his wife to keep the kids for you while the weather is making things so difficult. That must be a load off your mind.

  8. MissyinWV says:

    Wow I am impressed! Its been so crazy here with all the snow (and cold) what a brave son you have!!

  9. Chic says:

    Poor kid…was probably getting desparate for a change of will do anything for their favorite clothes. Thank heavens for cousins who live closer to town!

  10. Lisa says:

    Are those sneakers he is wearing on his feet? I hope they are insulated and waterproof!
    Making memories sure is alot of work! LOL

  11. Angela says:

    Hey Suzanne!

    Get the boy a sled! Or better yet a 4-wheeler! :shimmy:

    Angela :wave:

  12. Melinda says:

    My goodness!! Is he only wearing sneakers!>?

  13. Amanda says:

    Suzanne you have raised a fine young man!

  14. RosieJo says:

    Winter Boots are a necessity.

  15. Barbee' says:

    Wouldn’t we love to be a bug in the rug when he has children to tell his stories to. Morgan, too.

  16. mrnglry says:

    This will be a winter to remember! I’m sure your son will, and he will have stories to tell his kids and grandkids. 😉
    You are leaving him quite a legacy with all your pictures and stories.
    Maybe they will all be printed in a book someday?

    Grace in CA

  17. JeannieB says:

    My daddy used to tell us about walking to school in the snow, it wasn’t until we were much older that we realised, he always lived here. The middle of South Carolina has never had 2 ft of snow. maybe 2 or 3 inches, once in a blue moon.

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