War and Peace


It’s so peaceful on a farm in the spring!

Or not…. Just a little bellowing here. I think she’s wearing out. This is after four days of non-stop bellowing.

And she’s actually made herself hoarse!


  1. collector1 says:

    Poor Glory Bee – think I would enjoy the spring all the more!

  2. msmitoagain says:

    When she’s looking right at you it looks like she’s fussing at you for taking her momma.

  3. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl says:

    It is a pitiful sound, for sure, but has to be done. The farmer across the road from Mama’s house had about 30 cows with calves that had to be separated. Now THAT was a racket, and it went on nearly 24 hours a day for several days. Ah..the joys of farm life, huh?

  4. tami says:

    Poor baby. One of my dogs was in heat and we had to keep her seperated from the male that was not fixed. We put him in his pen or the laundry room and he barked so much he was horse also. I felt bad for him, and for baby GB.

  5. langela says:

    Great! Now I have to go to the bathroom and I’m strangely hungry for a cheeseburger.

  6. Window On The Prairie says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, the hoarseness I mean. Ours do that, but multiplied by 50. It sad, but kinda funny too when their moo turns into a croak. She’s about done. Enjoy your quiet. :moo:

  7. JerseyMom says:

    Poor Glory Bee. I guess she’s not gonna let you hug her and make it all better, huh? Here’s hoping that it’s not too much longer that she’s so unhappy and you need ear plugs…….

  8. NancyL says:

    Oh, boy! Look at that tail swish – just like an angry cat!!!

    Well done on the video – what a contrast!

    Nancy in Iowa


    I love the babbling brook and the bellowing baby….how perfect is that for a spring day?
    Thank you for help on the logging in, Suzanne. Works fine now.

  10. Sheila Z says:

    The bellowing should end soon. She is persistent though. I think you are going to have to keep GB away from mom all summer or she’ll just end up going right back to suckling off BP. The will in strong in this one and BP is a pushover and would just let GB be a baby forever.

  11. Madeline says:

    I feel for you! Suzanne, you are an incredible farmer, and as far as comments,I think you should enjoy those of us who ENJOY YOU and DELETE THE MEANIES.ALL OF THEM! I don’t read a lot of other people’s posts except for recipes..I come to visit you, your kids, your friends and family, and your animals!! So there! Some cranky people have nothing better to do than post mean critical posts on a bunch of websites.. DELETE ‘EM!!!!!!! Hope the bellowing calms down soon!

  12. Darlene in North GA says:

    Thank you for my gut-busting laugh for the day. The serenity, the beauty, the peacefulness and the BELLOWING!
    I envision you sitting down at the creek with a Mai Tai and a good book while back at the farm, the “baby” bellows her frustration and your teens grumble theirs. They’ll all get over it. lol And when they do, make some cookies and go make friends with GB. Without her mom’s attention, she may finally become friendly towards you – especially when you have COOKIES – or whatever treats a cow loves.

  13. countrydreams64 says:

    It’s tough to grow up, Suzanne!!! :hissyfit: :moo: :moo:

  14. PinkyMac says:

    The babbling brook is beautiful, the bawling calf not so much 😀 Does she sleep at night?

  15. tractor57 says:

    Ah the sounds of spring.

    Here it is beef cattle and the moms as the calves are moved to another location a couple miles away.

    I suspect I’ll have my round soon (I lease the pasture) as there are a few calves almost ready to wean.

  16. Ms.Becky says:

    this is just what I needed this morning before the start of my day – the sound of a babbling brook. oh, and Glory Bee’s bellows is music to my ears too. :yes: I don’t have to hear it all day long! thanks for the video Suzanne, they’re always the highlight of my day.

  17. TinaBell says:

    Great job on the video; LOVE the little waterfall…Glory Bee looks like she’s just beside herself! Poor thing…reminds me of making babies learn to fall asleep on their own. Oh the wailing!! Hang in there, Suzanne! :wave:

  18. DancesInGarden says:

    When is a calf not a calf? When it’s HOARSE.

    I just couldn’t help it :devil2:

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