Watching Cows


Watching cows is about as exciting as watching grass grow. Or golf. Cows don’t move around real fast in the field creating a lot of interesting viewing as a general rule. However, I’m watching cows for 30 minutes every morning and every evening when I put Glory Bee and Dumplin together so that Dumplin can do her heat tester job.

This morning, no riding up on Glory Bee. Which is good. I don’t want any results until after the shot on Sunday!


  1. margiesbooboo says:

    Probably because GB doesn’t have her fog lights on

  2. brendaE says:

    Oh no Glory Bee will wake up one day and say “how did this happen, I don’t even remember the date”.

  3. Joell says:

    Well, if you are watching cows and you doze off for a couple of minutes you won’t have to wonder if you missed anything 😉

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