Water, Water


It’s raining here, which seems somehow cruel when there has been no water running in my house since Friday night or early Saturday morning. I just know that Saturday morning, there was no water. The problem is outside my farm. There is a main water line break. Somewhere. The water company is working on it, or so we like to believe. Though it’s after 10 on Sunday morning and their recorded message to customers regarding the outage still dates itself as Saturday. Public water is great sometimes, such as when it doesn’t stop because of a power outage, but other times, I am reminded why life on a well has its benefits. At least you are in control of fixing your own problems. I do still have the well hooked up to the barn faucets, so can tote water up to the house for drinking, but it’s not like I can take a shower.

Though when it started pouring outside, I was tempted to get some shampoo and go for it.


  1. whaledancer says:

    I remember when you had your own well and were in control of fixing your own problems. Like when you wanted to do laundry and let everyone shower on the same day. Or when you had a day that used extra water, like canning or cleaning house. You could walk a half mile downhill, turn on the pump manually to refill the tank, wait while it filled, turn it back to auto, and walk back up the hill. Unless, of course, the power was out, which you couldn’t control: then the pump didn’t work, and you used water sparingly until the tank was empty.

    Hmm, yeah, that was much better than having to walk to barn to haul water… 😉

    It must be a pain in the neck to have readers who have been following your blog for years, and remember. 😕

  2. NancyL says:

    Go for it! Shower in the rain – my Mom, and old Pennsylvania farm girl – always said that rainwater made your hair soft and shiny!

    Nancy in Iowa – loves walking in the rain!

  3. NancyL says:

    “an” old PA farm girl!

  4. Linda Goble says:

    Maybe you need one of those huge water troughs down at the barn to bath in. You can bathe with the animals wondering what the heck you doing. I remember being a kid and running in the rain and washing our hair.. Here we have a spring that is gravity fed to the house so when no power we can at least get water. It is slower though.Hope your water comes on soon…

  5. GA_in_GA says:

    When the well at the cabin went dry one summer, I was known to take my shampoo and soap and head to the creek. Under the waterfall and with trout biting my toes, I ended up pretty clean. For drinking water, I found a neighbor with a deeper well and lugged the bucket back to the cabin.

  6. brookdale says:

    Love the flower pic! Especially the pink phlox. Very pretty. Hope you get your water back on soon…
    In the meantime, you could put a couple big buckets under your eaves to catch the rainwater and heat it up to wash & shampoo with. As someone said above, rainwater does make your hair soft and shiny.
    When we used to camp in the wilderness we often used the lake for baths/shampoos. Kinda cold but whatever works.

  7. CrazyCat says:

    There are some advantages to well water., in times like these. It seems hard to believe that you actually have city water there. Of course..I haven’t followed your blog long and don’t remember you having well water.
    anyhow..Love your posts..and your farm bell recipes..I finally posted~!

  8. EMarie says:

    Go for the rain-shower and take advantage of the natural way. Here in Louisiana we have heavy dark clouds but little of the rain we are craving.

  9. holstein woman says:

    Suzanne, the place we bought 1 1/2 years ago still doesn’t have ANY running water, not to mention NO hot water either. We dismantled an old single wide trailer a month ago and I told my DH to put the tub by the water tank that I am taking a bath. As dirty as we can get here with the work we do sometimes my body almost cries for a bath. No one would see me because we live at THE END of the road. So, I decided the tub was too small because I have 6 antique claw foot tubs I am planning to use for planters—someday—-for now I brought them from the old house 40 miles away and am going to use one for a bath–I will heat my water on the two burner propane stove.
    Go shower in the rain and enjoy it, naked of you like.

  10. MMHoney says:


  11. yvonnem says:

    Amen, MMHoney!

    I would have went out in the rain in a long t-shirt and went at it with the shampoo and soap! Hey, do what you gotta do! :dancingmonster:

    Hope your water is back on now.

  12. ladybird_1959 says:

    I remember as a child my sister and I use to love to wash our hair under the downspout. Awww the memories of childhood.

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