Wattle Babies


I’m tellin’ ya, this baby looks like a rabbit.
And she has dangles, otherwise officially known as wattles.
Wattles are useless fleshy appendages on either side of the face that kinda look like earrings. Nutmeg has them, and so far, every baby she’s birthed has had wattles!
I like them. And I really like this little white baby! (All four, including bottle baby Maia, are doing great and bouncing around. More on the babies tomorrow!)


  1. bonita says:

    Great mug shots, all she needed was a placard with a number!

  2. yvonnem says:

    Love the profile shot…so cute! :airkiss:

  3. Llama Gramma says:

    I LOVE wattles! My favorite girl has blue eyes and wattles…I call them Goat Bling!. Congrats on all your beautiful babies. Mine are due to arrive beginning the end of April.

  4. holstein woman says:

    She is so cute!

  5. wannabeafarmgirl says:

    All three are precious! Must be the best part of farming having animal babies. Too bad you lost one, such is life. Look forward to watching them grow up!!!

  6. joykenn says:

    What a cutie! Any idea what to name her? I think for this new set of babies you might follow your daughter’s lead and use classical names. She is so pretty–how about Venus? Except….for some reason she looks like a Millie to me.

    What do the rest of you think? What would be a good name for a cutie like this? (I yearn to cuddle her. I have GOAT-ENVY.)

  7. margiesbooboo says:

    Hey Suzanne! I’m thinking that wittle wabbit goat is albino. What say you?

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