We Can Do It!


Hens hard at work on the home front while their roosters defend the free world.


  1. sara sammon says:

    Do you lose many of your free range chickens to the beasts :dancingmonster: of the woods,and air?(fox,coyote,hawk,racoon,snake ect…)

  2. Joy says:

    LOL! looks like one is stuck in backwards!! HA HA!!

  3. glenda says:

    I love to see the girls at work!

    Ours have finally begun laying again after a rather lengthy winter vacation.

  4. Cynthia Stinson says:

    I’m just one ‘a these hens,guarding my homefront while my rooster is TDY in Daegu. TDY means temporary duty station. Daegu is a city right in the middle of South Korea. Thanks for the chicken butt. I love chicken butts, all nice and fluffy!

  5. Glenie says:

    Looking good ladies keep up the good work.

    I have some 2 week old easter eggers and can’t wait until I start getting colored eggs. The ladies I have now can only do shades of brown, but I love them anyway.

  6. NorthCountryGirl says:

    My “girls” will be a year old in March. They began laying in October and continued all winter long. For 10 hens, I got as many as 9 eggs a day. They did really well over the winter. I was surprised. I guess they didn’t know that the shorter days usually mean less eggs. I’m not going to tell them, either!!

  7. Michele Messier says:

    Their colors are so beautiful. :pinkbunny:

  8. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Your busy, busy staff!

  9. princessvanessa says:

    The roosters do all the crowing, while the hens do all the work.

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