We’re Having a Party Today


I’m still alive! In case you were wondering! AND! We’re having a party today!!!

I’ll be back with lots of photos and stories from CITR Retreat 2011–and the Party on the Farm today–as soon as possible. Meanwhile, let me just say that we had a blast at the retreat! And if you’re coming to the party today–see you soon!


  1. chickenherd says:

    Lucky lucky luckeee! I’m holding you accountable. Lots of pictures!

  2. rileysmom says:

    Yes!!! Bring on the photos!!!
    :snoopy: I want to see how much fun you all had!

  3. shirley says:

    :snoopy: We are on our way!

  4. Vicki in So. CA says:

    Can’t wait to see the photos of how wonderful your retreat was, and how much fun you had (are having) at your party! BTW, that animal party photo at the top is ADORABLE. Whoever did the photoshop work on it — great work! I know how long it takes to do something like that. 😀

  5. kellyb says:

    Just got home from the retreat. What a fantastic time. I don’t even know where to begin. CindyP, Dede and LauraP amazing information and classes, thank you so much. Pete and BuckeyeGirl, thank you for all you did. I met some amazing people and learned some great skills. I got a chance to talk with MMHoney. She is an absolute treasure and delight. What a wealth of knowledge she is. I could have spent hours talking to her. Thank you MMHoney for sharing with me; you are a blessing.

    I got to meet some great people who I hope keep in touch. I also got to witness amazing character, thank you Mrs. Fuzz.

    Most of all, thank you Suzanne. So many people had such a fantastic time and learned new skills and left with a wealth of knowledge. 110 and I had a fantastic time.

  6. MMHoney says:

    Hello; One and All,
    Wasn’t it a great time???? It was wonderful getting to spend time with you. Suzanne you outdid yourself. I know the time and effort involved in such a task. You can count yourself a blessing to a lot of people and I am at the top of the pecking order. Take care; be safe and be happy.

  7. Hlhohnholz says:

    What an AMAZING time, such wonderful people. Like Kellyb said, there was such an incredible amount of knowledge that was freely shared. It was wonderful to finally be able to put faces to names, and to witness the magic that is Stringtown Rising Farm. 😉 Everything was exactly what I expected, and yet so totally different from what I imagined. I’m planning a forum post when I get home in a couple of days to cover everything. But until then, thank you again and again to Suzanne, CindyP, Dede, Pete, Laura, and Deb. You guys were absolutely wonderful amazing machines to put on a great weekend for us!

  8. Teresa says:

    Thanks for all you did, the party was great. I learned how to trim the goats feet when I get them home! Thanks! Plus I got to play catch the baby goat with an adorable little girl. – Teresa

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