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What are you doing? Have you made your cranberry sauce yet? Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away!

Get my recipe here.


  1. Joell says:

    I love Thanksgiving, it is my favorite all time holiday. I have my cranberries and use your recipe, have done so many times, but havent made the sauce as yet, I have everything I need for Thanksgiving dinner,all I have to do is the cooking and baking. I really wish we would have some cold weather, not this 70 plus degrees weather. We purchased a 12 pound frozen turkey this week, it is difficult to find a small bird closer to Thanksgiving. I will be also going to my stepsons home earlier Thanksgiving week to prepare his dinner, he doesnt care for turkey so I am doing a ham with all the trimmings for him plus 2 pies. I dont mind, I love to cook
    I am proud of myself this year, I purchased everything on sale and used coupons.

  2. funraiser says:

    It’s a shame this blog has very little new content. I only say this because I enjoyed all of the animal stories and living in West Virginia all of the local stuff. I used to tell friends all the time to come here but I can’t do that any longer. I used to visit it every morning.

    Happy Trails,

  3. trudyh says:

    funraiser, Suzanne posted awhile back that she was busy with the group meetings that she earns her living from. It’s not like you’re paying for her blog posts.

  4. ticka1 says:

    that looks yummy… will try your recipe!

  5. squeecker97 says:

    Suzanne, that does look yummy! Thanks for sharing! I am a long time reader and have enjoyed vicarious farm living through the years you’ve shared. Then we bought a bit of land, more chickens, and some goats! I found your honesty and joy a good help as we experienced our own highs and lows with livestock. I hope you are healing from recent events and thanks for the pictures of cows, puppies and red barns. Also, inspired by women like you, I went hunting for my first time and got my first buck! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. MousE says:

    You know, several people have commented in the last year on the lack of new posts, and almost every time, they were slammed. I don’t think that’s fair. Regardless of this being free to follow or not…. most of us have been here since the beginning…. if we happen to comment on the lack of new posts, a lot of time it comes from a feeling of concern. We care what happens here. We care what happens to Suzanne, and to her farm and family and animals, all of which she has worked so very hard to get established/keep going/make happy. Of course she owes no one anything, that’s not where I’m coming from.

    I just don’t think it’s fair to criticize those who comment on the lack of daily updates. We feel a kinship and connection, and some would like to hear from the wonderful Suzanne more often. Of course, she owes no one anything!

    We love you, Suzanne, or we wouldn’t be here, and I personally hope everything is ok and all is well and that all your animals and people, and YOU are doing great.


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