While I Was Sleeping


Well, I wasn’t sleeping. My internet was sleeping–it was OUT, all day. Which was a bummer because I wanted to post about what I did this weekend. Instead, while my internet was sleeping, I weeded out the front beds, went for mulch, dragged all the bags of mulch out of my trunk and around to the front of the house, and dumped them in the garden beds. Then I mowed and weedeated the front yard again and started planting seeds indoors. (Yes, I’m LATE.) Then my internet came back! By which time I was exhausted. So I’ll tell you tomorrow what I did this weekend. (Clue: Involved horses.)
I’m going to get some big planters in here and stick flower seeds in there. I gave up on the idea of sowing flower seeds directly into the ground in these beds. The weeding would kill me–I decided to mulch instead and bring some big planters around that I have on the other side of the house right now.
Precious just watched. She is NOT a helper!


  1. sesamekaren says:

    Ummmmmm, dogs named precious, wearing pretty party dresses…..don’t do manual labor….just sayin…..you need a working breed dog, for chores!!

  2. Joell says:

    Big planters are an excellent idea, I use them for flowers as well as for veggies and herbs, I also have 2 huge cast iron kettles that I fill with flowers, they both have cracks so the drainage is good. They are much easier to tend that beds, and they can be moved to where ever you want them, ours hold about two and a half 40 pound bags of soil. Packing peanuts, if you have them, make for good drainage helpers, jut put a layer in the bottom of the pot before you add the soil.

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