Wild Clover


Not that clover.
This Clover.

We have zero, zippo, nada, NO grass in the goat yard due to the triple threat of two sheep and a big, bad calf. We’re feeding hay. Yesterday, I decided to let Clover out in the side yard for the day to enjoy some fresh grass.

She enjoyed it immensely.

I admit, I fed her a few other little treats through the day.

She didn’t go anywhere. She knows when she’s got it good. Everyone else was jealous.

Clover: “Somebody has to be the favorite.”

“It might as well be me.”


  1. MonkeyPhil says:

    Clover will always wear the crown. Even when it is not visable. “You go Girl.”

  2. Flowerpower says:

    She thinks she is a star and she is! She is also probably thrilled not to have those pesky kids trying to nurse on her! She is probably sticking her tongue out at all the rest who cannot enjoy her clover patch! :happyflower:

  3. TinaBell says:

    HRH Clover…sure do love that goat!

  4. Urbanite says:

    Of course Clover should get preferential treatment. She’s the star of the farm!

    Suzanne, did you ever get Cookie Doe? I thought she was coming to the farm, but I haven’t seen anything about her since, so I’m thinking that may have fallen through.

  5. Julia K says:

    Clover is definitely the Queen Bee at your home. She is just so cute.

  6. whaledancer says:

    She deserves a little pampering after the indignity of being chased by a couple of kids until she had to take refuge under the spool table.

  7. chickenherd says:

    Can’t WAIT to see Cookie Doe become an addition to your farm!! Maybe there will be some, ahem, sibling rivalry, eh Clover? 😆

  8. Liz Pike says:

    Poor Nutmeg! Wonder if she’s plotting a coup so she can get the privilege of fresh grass?!

  9. bonita says:

    Liz, no worries for Nutmeg here, she looks like she slips out at night to eat grass and anything else she can get her hooves on. I know she says “It’s a glandular problem,” but really. Really?

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