Win A Tango Card


Recently, I was approached by the people at Tango, who invited me to offer a giveaway here for a $50 Tango Card.

The Tango Card is a flexible gift card that can be redeemed for name brand gift cards like Amazon or SpaFinder, donated to charity, or even redeemed for cash. So for example, imagine you have a $50 Tango Card – you can spend $25 at Amazon, donate $10 to the USO, and still finish up with $15 on a Starbucks card. They also have free mobile apps that let people organize gift cards in one place, use gift cards in-store from a mobile device, and receive email alerts and reminders to use gift cards.

You can find out more about your options using a Tango Card here and if you’re a visual learner, there’s even a Tango Card YouTube video. The free mobile app for managing your gift card is here.

And so, just in time for Valentine’s Day, if you are still looking for something for your sweetie–or for you!–enter for a chance to win a $50 Tango Card by leaving a comment on this post.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment sharing what you would do with your $50 Tango Card! For an extra chance to win, you can also follow @TangoCard on Twitter and leave a comment (here) letting me know you’ve done so. Eligible entry ends at noon EST on Friday, February 10. One winner will be randomly selected using and the winner will be posted here by 3 p.m. (Friday, February 10).

P.S. The winner can choose either a physical or digital Tango Card.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Tango Card and they gave me a $50 gift card. How am I going to use my card? I will probably use it to order something for the kitchen in the studio through Amazon!

UPDATE: The winner is #171, willsahna. See here for a second chance.


  1. juliec says:

    I’d spend it at Amazon. I’m in the middle of kitchen update, and my wish list is very long!

  2. mommyby3 says:

    I would love to win this. I would most likely spend it at Amazon. Been looking to change a few things around the house and this would help get me started πŸ˜€

  3. Janis says:

    I would use it to support a local business at my community, probably taking my family out to a restaurant. By the way, they should have given you FOUR tango cards!… By the way, how much personal information from us will they get if we win?????


  4. awprice says:

    I could always use $50!!! My son is heading to college this fall so that would come in real handy :snoopy:

  5. MissPat says:

    My grandson is hooked on The Adventures of Tintin books, I would invest it in an Amazon card for volumes 3, 4 and 5…and as a result become “Nonnie of the Year” in his eyes ! πŸ™‚

  6. lreazer says:

    Would buy more canning supplies :~) Thank you~

  7. allyoop451 says:

    I would love to win this! I would probably use it in Amazon in the kitchen supplies.

  8. barefootkitchenwitch says:

    I would use my card to invest in supplies for my Etsy shops.

  9. Spiderjohn says:

    I would probably use it to buy something for my garden or give it to my wife.

  10. nutritionlady says:

    Probably something from Amazon….will have to give it careful consideration.

  11. Jane L says:

    Amazon – on my wish list!

  12. STracer says:

    I would probably get a Tractor Supply card so I can get some goat stuff!

  13. WVgal4ever says:

    :woof: I would love to win! If I win I will use it to buy something for the house. :happyfeet:

  14. lao129 says:

    I would use it on Amazon for a stethescope. My son is entering medical school in the Summer.

  15. TwistedStitcher says:

    I would have to use it at Amazon and buy some books for my new Kindle, or maybe some gardening things…. so many things on my wish list.

  16. Peggy in KY says:

    I would use the Tango card to get a registy cleaner for my computer. I need to get some things cleaned out of the computer so I can see Chickens in the Road without struggling.

  17. caprilis says:

    I would buy cat, bunny,chicken and beaver food!

  18. tsmith says:

    I have a couple things on my wishlist at Amazon that I would probably use it for.

  19. lwb says:

    I am working to complete my milk house. I would put the money toward paint, supplies, etc.

  20. Rah says:

    I would either give it to a friend whose house just burned down, or to support people on Kickstarter.

  21. WVSue says:

    Ever since I watched the BBC series Victorian Kitchen Garden I have been desperately wanting to buy the book “Harry Dodson’s Practical Kitchen Garden”. I learned so much from the series that I want to buy that book which I found on Amazon. It is expensive because it is out of print. That is what I would use that Tango card for!

  22. Kathy in FL says:

    I would definitely use it at Amazon! My wish list is very long!

  23. Chic says:

    OH yes…I would go through Amazon to buy something for my new Grand Baby who is due Feb 28th so please throw my name in the ‘hat’ πŸ™‚

  24. Leah's Mom says:

    I’d most likely use mine at Amazon too. Or possibly add some extra support at kickstarter!

  25. Diane says:

    I think I would get some Starbucks gift cards for our trip to NY with my daguters high school band and use what ever is left over for special mom and daughter trips to Starbucks here at home. πŸ™‚

  26. Zaduzbina says:

    I would use that card to take my hubby on a well deserved date. We moved from the country to the suburbs and have spent so much time adjusting to it, we haven’t gone on a date with each other for more than five months. We love our new place, but it’s been a struggle.


  27. ranchelmarie says:

    I would get most of it on an Amazon card, and maybe a little on for a treat at Starbucks!

  28. Cheryl LeMay says:

    I have to confess that I’ve never heard of a Tango card before, but I would use it for Amazon.

  29. Dawn Carrica says:

    I would probably donate part of it to something furry, like my local rescue. I’d spend the rest at Amazon! OR…maybe I’d spend it all on a new plucker fingers because chicken pluckin’ is right around the corner.

  30. BeppyCat says:

    I’d like to say something glamorous, but the answer is books and yarn. I’m a very self-aware person. πŸ™‚

  31. BethAnn says:

    Hmmm…so many choices! Have been wanting a few books…Have 2 sons, one in college and one in high school who are working so hard at their studies and are making this momma proud. Both would appreciate starbucks gift cards. Oh, and a husband that I adore that would love one too. So many options! Thanks for the opportunity Suzanne!

  32. doodlebugroad says:

    I would “Tango” my way to the paint store for my master bathroom project … then get some shelving to complete it.

  33. Nita in South Carolina says:

    Half on my Amazon wish list, and half on a Starbucks card – my 15 year old daughter loves to go to Starbucks with me!

    PS Suzanne – when is your memoir going to be published??

  34. maryellen51 says:

    I’ve been looking at some how to books on Amazon, if I should win the Tango card, those books would be mine.

  35. ibpallets says:

    My son and DIL are both out of work- I’d give it to them to help with expenses-

  36. CarrieSpins says:

    I would do something fun with my children, like go to the ceramic shop.

  37. KellyWalkerStudios says:

    I would probably use it for something art related! Imagine that.

  38. grandma1940 says:

    would buy a new large print new translation bible & give rest to church

  39. Miss Judy says:

    I would use it at Amazon either for books or garden supplies…or kitchen stuff…or quilting…maybe even chicken things.

  40. Telynn says:

    I would exchange it for cash to invest in my Pampered Chef Business and donate half to the American Cancer Society.

  41. doxie says:

    I’d probably use it on Amazon, I always have to much on my wish list…and really need to get a 2nd set of sheets for the extra thick bed we just got…none of the other ones I have already will fit it. That wouldn’t be enough for the sheets, but would be a start. πŸ™‚

  42. rebinva says:

    I would probably use the Tango card to buy books. Or maybe cheesemaking supplies.

  43. enjay says:

    I’d put it towards a new mixer. My 8 year old kitchenaid set itself on fire night before last and I’m already bereft. My shoulders just won’t hold up to mixing and kneading all of our bread completely by hand any more.

  44. Rainn says:

    :snoopy: Part toward books-part towards kickstart!! Thanks for chance.

  45. hepkitten says:

    I would definitely put the money toward a dressmaker’s dummy I’ve had my eye on on Amazon. I hate spending large amounts of money, especially on myself, but I have $75 in birthday cash (from last NOVEMBER, lol) and with this $50, I think I could justify spending the $130. Thanks for the great giveaway! πŸ™‚

  46. dgkritch says:

    I’d probably buy canning supplies or take my sweetie to dinner!

  47. wildcat says:

    I would probably Tango on over to Home Depot – DH needs a new circular saw! :yes:

  48. stacylee says:

    It would go for my I need a new coffee table because I am tired of the hand me down one that I have had for twelve years fund!

  49. mygirls01 says:

    I would love to win! I would use it toward the kindle fire I want!

  50. mygirls01 says:

    following them on Twitter also! πŸ™‚

  51. Miss Nellie says:

    Hmmmmm what will I do when I win the tango card? Canning supplies? Kitchen gadget? Out to dinner? oh well I sure I’ll decide when I win it. πŸ˜‰

  52. foofeee says:

    I’d love to use it for more Kindle books but I would use it for your Kickstarter program! I can’t think of a better way to give back!

  53. linda0210 says:

    1/2 would go back to Kickstarter πŸ˜€ and 1/2 would go to supplies start my square foot garden! What a great deal!

  54. AsTheNight says:

    Rod has been working hard at repairing our heater’s motor (which is taking maybe a day longer than it would if he started out knowing how to do it). If I won, I’d give the card to him to say thank you for fixing our heater.

  55. mammaleigh says:

    We are in the process of remodling our kitchen and repaint the whole house! Oh yeah I can throw in there making a new chicken coop! So it would be used greatly here!!

  56. mollyclaire says:

    I would use this tango card to buy learning games on Amazon for my granddaughter. She’s having a hard time in school and needs a little practice with some of her math skills.

  57. linda0210 says:

    following them on Twitter also! πŸ™‚
    Thanks again!

  58. suziQ says:

    Please enter me in the drawing! I would love to have the money to use toward much needed supplies for my ongoing kitchen renovation! Thanks for the chance to win! :snuggle:

  59. DebbieM says:

    It takes two to “Tango” so I would buy a new book I’ve been looking at and donate to your Kickstarter Kitchen!

  60. Louise says:

    A Tango Card is new to me. I would use it for some soap making supplies.

  61. mamajoseph says:

    I would go right out and spend it on books! Or shoes…

  62. momtoadiva says:

    I think I would use it for gardening supplies, or maybe towards the Kindle I have wanted for quite some time. Thanks for the opportunity!

  63. newyorkquilter says:

    Wow . . . fun to think abou what I’d spend it on. Outdoor clothes for an upcoming camp I’m attending . . . .or maybe some cool yarn . . . or maybe put it towards new cowboy boots. Something I’ve always wanted and never purchased!

  64. Heather B says:

    I would use it toward purchasing my son a computer; he’s 17 and we’ve been promising him one for years, and he never, ever complains and we never, ever have the money. He has bought, with his own money, a keyboard, a midi, and a music editing program, all on the promise that he’s getting a computer soon. Never happens. :no:

  65. 4jsMOM says:

    I would use it to buy bird seed. I keep my husband busy refilling all our outdoor bird feeders.

  66. wormlady says:

    I would use it to buy milking/cheesemaking equipment. A clip-on thermometer, a nice pail, teat dip, would I still have enough left to get some culture or liquid rennet? Not sure.

  67. ashmmorgan2 says:

    If I won the Tango card I think I would cash it out and put the money towards the cost of starting my chicken flock this year!

  68. smiledarlin says:

    If I had that card I would use it for a Girls spa day for My 82 yr old Mother In Law who has moved in with us due to dementia advancement, She is very shy and has no friends so a day of luxury would be good for her soul.
    Thanks for offering.

  69. Em says:

    I would use the Tango card toward the last few supplies needed to try my making my first hard cheese…

  70. Privileged says:

    I’d put it toward my Excalibur Dehydrator Fund as I’m only $82 away from having enough soooo….PLEASE! PICK! ME!!!! :duck:

  71. tea4too0 says:

    I would go to Amazon and “graze”.

  72. Ruthmarie says:

    $50? oooo, a couple of new beds for the backyard garden, or the soil to fill the most recent addition (we have terrible hardpan here), maybe some necessities for my college-age daughter … school always has relentless suction on the wallet. Thank you!

  73. Mary k says:

    I would most likely use it on Amazon.

  74. tea4too0 says:

    I am a follower of Tangocard on Twitter

  75. Rainla says:

    I would use the money to purchase supplies for a square foot garden. :sun:

  76. pdelainey says:

    I would probably use the gift card to purchase cloth baby diapers from Amazon, I am due with my third child March 21. :clover:

  77. Michelle B says:

    I would have to put it towards a new hot water heater – our just went out :moo:

  78. kellynkaty says:

    If I could use it to buy chickens or chicken feed for my friends who keep me in fresh farm eggs . If that is not an option , then she and I will be meeting for coffee at Starbucks !!!

  79. bimmy says:

    I would cash it out. My husband and I are going away for the weekend for our birthdays at the end of the month! We never get away. So I would use it to eat somewhere really nice…since we never get to do that either.

  80. AutumpneReyn says:

    First off I would buy my 15 year old “puppy” a nice comfy bed.. She is old and arthritic and has lived long enough to deserve a nice soft place to curl into. Then I’d like to look into buying a cast iron skillet. Easy clean up? Sounds like a win to me!

  81. cabynfevr says:

    I’m a volunteer worker at a draft horse rescue. Hopefully I could find a way to use it to purchase something for the “kids” there. And maybe a cup of coffee for my early morning chore days!

  82. Shelly says:

    Cheese making supplies? or Amazon on something great!!!!!!!!!

  83. CrystalGB says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I would use it to buy my husband a new wedding band. His is bent and he can’t wear it.

  84. september says:

    I would put it towards a new food processor.

  85. lberry says:

    I would buy some books from amazon for my 12 yr old’s 4-H club. They are collecting books for childrens’ hospitals. :clover:

  86. lifeisgood/ Melinda says:

    My dad passed away in June at the age of 93. He lived with us for two years prior to his passing. My mother is 90% blind and I help her take care of herself now that my job has moved out of state.

    If I won the tango card I would like to give it to smiledarlin to use for her mother in law. I understand first hand how something so simple can mean the world to someone elderly and lonely from age and mental impairment. Best of luck smiledarlin…I hope you win!

  87. charitychickens says:

    I would use the Tango card on Amazon. I am doing a huge garden this year and am switching to square foot gardening. So I would use it to buy the book Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholemew and put towards a Bosch Mixer to mix up bread dough!

  88. cuprunnethover57 says:

    I am going to return to school to retrain as I lost my job to a computer this past fall at age 54 so this would probably get spent on books at Amazon. Although some might go to the very first vegetable garden I am trying to plant this year. We need to supplment the grocery budget with some homegrown.

  89. Anita says:

    I’d use the Tango Card to learn to Tango! There’s a great dance studio close to my office, with tango lessons, and cha-cha, and all sorts of ballroom dance steps.

  90. bubbashome says:

    I would give it to my son towards his bindings for snowboarding. he’s been through alot this past year and he found a love for the sport and we’re glad!

  91. RuralGirl says:

    So many projects could use the funding. Maybe painting the livingroom would be the way to go.

  92. Blyss says:

    I imagine it would go towards things needed for the wedding! But, maybe so fabulous new apron fabric?

  93. cuprunnethover57 says:

    And then of course, the very next e-mail I read suggests 7 ways to update the kitchen for $50. LOL. Hard to choose between needs and wants these days.

  94. Barbee says:

    I would love to be able to donate that money to your Kick Starter project. Cross fingers!

  95. Dottie says:

    I would use it to buy a couple of books at Amazon and
    donate the rest to your Kickstarter Kitchen. I’m
    anxiously watching the donations total.

  96. Karo says:

    I would use it to take my daughter (my sweetheart) to the fancy sit and eat movies with the big leather reclining chairs.

  97. hansbrough says:

    I would probably go amazon! πŸ™‚

  98. sal says:

    Never heard of a Tango Card but by golly I’m in. I hope I win. If I do I will give it to my niece for Valentines Day.

  99. sal says:

    I followed Tango Card on Twitter. Ahhh another chance to win…I like it.

  100. kpbarnett says:

    Amazon or B&N for an e-reader! I’ve been wanting one for a long time but have no idea which one I’d pick. Any recommendations???

  101. bonita says:

    split between IL Dobe Rescue and Kickstart

  102. contentedcat says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    I know exactly what I’d spend my Tango moolah on! Twenty five would go to stock up on my cheesemaking supplies from Ricki’s New England Cheesemaking Co. and the other twenty five I would add to my kickstarter donation that I’ve already promised for the new studio project at Sassafras! Now, that’s money well-spent. :moo:

  103. Kathi says:

    I would buy something for my sweet husband. Since I lost my good job, we have had a lot less money and he has gone without lots of things for awhile.

  104. Johannaswolf says:

    If they don’t work in Canada I’ll donate it back πŸ™‚

  105. debrac69 says:

    My wonderful husband just bought me a tablet ~ now I need some books to go! Amazon here I come! Hopefully. Maybe. Please? :wave:

  106. MissyinWV says:

    I would use part of it for kickstart and get my husband a Birthday gift….I have been off work taking care of my Mother so this would be awesome!

  107. denisestone says:

    I could really use a Tango card to buy school books from Amazon.

  108. hoosiergal says:

    I would purchase a steam juicer for my friend that I’m teaching to can. She needs some financial help and this would be great for her. Thank you hoosiergal

  109. cherylinwv says:

    I would probably do a little shopping on Amazon (love that site)!

  110. shirley T says:

    If I won that, I would use it to buy material to patch up a leaky spot on my roof.

  111. txcrysalex says:

    I would use it for a spiffy new kitchen gadget πŸ™‚ :snoopy:

  112. canthony says:

    What a nice thing to do.. If I won, I would either buy quilt supplies or take friends to lunch. Due to unemployment, it’s been a long time since I have done either one. Thanks for making my mornings better by sharing your blog. Make it a great day. Carline

  113. joeyfulnoise says:

    I would use it on Amazon or for some needed items for our household

  114. denny144 says:

    When I get a gift card for Christmas, imagining how to spend it is almost more fun than actually cashing it in. With a Tango card, I’d definitely use it on Amazon where the possibilities are endless. Maybe a new book, garden supplies because I’m getting itchy for spring, or travel items for my trip to Savannah in March.

  115. Bells says:

    Interesting – never heard of them. I think I would buy some more horse feed w/it as we are a bit low.

  116. oct4luv says:

    I’d like to say I would treat myself to something fun, but I’d probably end up spending it on groceries.

  117. AndiK says:

    I would use it for gas money! I drive to grad school twice a week, and the trip is over 2 hours each way. Just 10 more months…

  118. Aedrielle says:

    I’d use it on amazon… had a baby boy last year and so his wishlist is full of fun stuff I’d like to get for him!! :heart:

  119. tmavraides says:

    Hello all, I would put the gift card toward one of my two current projects, It would with go toward my worm composter or toward the purchase of the deydrator I have my heart set on. Thank you for asking.

  120. MousE says:

    I would probably spend it on the grandchildren!


  121. cindyinohio says:

    This would be great. My wish list is soooooo long (thanks in part to Suzanne!) Thanks to Tango for the offer!!

  122. JReed says:

    I’d use it to pay for our Valentine Dinner! πŸ™‚

  123. Auntie Linda says:

    Please enter me! If I win, I’ll donate it to the Kickstarter program.

  124. aprilsinohio says:

    Id love to win this First Id buy my hubby a pair of overalls since thats the only thing he has asked for ince we moved to the farm 4 months ago and then id buy some candle making supplies so I can try my hand at your recipes for candles!

  125. FarmGrammy says:

    If I happened to win the Tango Card, which is unlikely, I would get cash for it and spend that on two camellia sasanqua, pink, which is a variety of camellia that is in bloom NOW!! And my friend has one right outside her kitchen window. Like summer in the middle of winter.

  126. mjpeters says:

    Please enter me in the drawing! I’d use the Tango Card for landscaping plants or supplies at Lowe’s.

  127. Chickenlady62 says:

    Sweet ! glad they gave you a card…you can buy cool stuff for the new kitchen! :shimmy:

    I would love to be thrown in on the chance to win one too.


  128. gerryvoland says:

    I would use it to buy something for the new grandchild due in April.

  129. Chickenlady62 says:

    Oops…Think I’d buy reading glasses with it so I can read and follow directions πŸ™‚ sorry hehe


  130. langela says:

    I would spend it on soap making supplies for my growing business. Thanks!

  131. kathyb says:

    Hey Suzanne, I usually don’t leave comments but I have read your blog everyday for the past couple of years. My sister Yvonne M got me hooked! If I won the Tango Card I would use it to take me and my husband out for our 24th anniversary which is this Sunday. :hug:

  132. MrsMac says:

    I would use it at Amazon to buy herbal medicine and homesteading books.

  133. DebrafromMD says:

    I would gift the card to a friend who just lost her entire quilting studio to a fire.

  134. mrsdmahogany says:

    Wouldn’t that be lovely to win a Tango card! That would make me happy! :snoopy:

  135. GrammieEarth says:

    Thankyou Tango and Suzanne! Let’s see…I would probably spend it on Amazon for a gift for my youngest son and his lovely lady. They are getting married in June πŸ™‚

    πŸ™‚ Pam

  136. knchock says:

    I would use it to buy some bigger diaper covers for the older growing boy. And the rest on food, as times are tough for everyone.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Kimberly in NC

  137. catslady says:

    At the moment I would have to say cat supplies for my inside cats and the ferals and strays that I care for. I just recently adopted two cats – one 6 and one 2 to add to my 3. As everything else, the prices have gone up. Thanks for a chance :help:

  138. Minna says:

    Well, I have this huge book wishlist…

  139. Debbie in PA says:

    :snoopy: As I am hip deep in fixing the house up, that $50 would be used toward either a bathroom or kitchen remodel. We are talking low-end here! No granite counter tops for me! Thanks for the comtest!

  140. Beecie says:

    $50 I don’t have to account for in the monthly family budget? Oh that’s totally going straight to Amazon to feed my Kindle. Fingers crossed!!

  141. quinn says:

    Around here, money (or a gift card) goes to food, feed, or tools!

  142. Leah says:

    I would spend the Tango card @Amason/Starbucks!

  143. jeepdriver says:

    I always read thru these replies and everyone seems to want to spend it on someone else – NOT ME! It’s mine. I’d spend it on books I want to read. I might share those but not the picking!

  144. Estella says:

    If I won, could I donate it to you for your Kickstarter fund?

  145. Katharina says:

    Suzanne, I need a good book/video on training a puppy. Also some puppy supplies. We’re doing our best with youtube videos and free info on line right now.

  146. Melissa H. says:

    I would probably use the card toward some new herb books I’ve been considering at Amazon!

  147. ChristaH says:

    I would spend it at amazon on a blow up mattress for company that is coming with no where to sleep.

  148. RebeccaD says:

    I’d put part toward a steam juicer on Amazon and part toward something at Think Geek. Hope I win!

  149. mommafox says:

    I would use it as a down payment on a comfy recliner for my DH. After all the hard work he has done to get our house ready to move back in and moving furniture, he DESERVES it without a doubt.Almost 51 years and he still treats me like a queen. No NPL here. πŸ˜‰ :heart: :happyflower: :hug: :snuggle:

  150. joykenn says:

    Like many, many other of your readers I’d use the Tango card mostly to buy books but I’d also make donation with part of it.

  151. laurie hamar says:

    Sure, I’d love to be entered to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  152. Old WV Broad says:

    Easy Peasy. I would give it away!

  153. Remudamom says:

    I’d get a small animal play yard from Amazon. They make perfect brooders for new chickens and also are the best for isolating a hen setting eggs.

  154. Elizabeth chicken lover says:

    pick me please! i would use it for supplies for a pet goat or chickens!

  155. marjohalleran says:

    I use it for my new found love, Yarn for knitting!!!:)

  156. JerseyMom says:

    I’d make a donation to a horse rescue. I support several of them when I can scrape up the extra funds.

  157. DebbieInMemphis says:

    I’d use it to buy my family gifts for Valentine’s Day! Thanks Tango and Suzanne!!

  158. charlie says:

    I would use it at Amazon. I am one of their best customers!

  159. dee58m says:

    How awesome! I would love to win! I sponsor a 7 year old child in Ethiopia through World Vison. My donations have helped not just Birhane, but her family and village, towards education classroom construction and her family, for fruit and coffee seedlings, blankets, etc. This was my first thought as I read through this wonderful chance to win offer. I have many wants and needs, but this comes first and foremost for me at this time. .. thank you for a chance to win.. I would add the Tango $50 value to my donation!

  160. flgrl says:

    I would use it to help buy a mixer from Amazon!

  161. bar2a says:

    wow! i would use the card to buy two equally wonderful surprise gifts for my daughter-by-birth and my daughter-by-son, through amazon, of course. and although you are giving double chances to twitterites, thanks for giving us others a chance at all, unlike a lot of bloggers now.

  162. Bev in CA says:

    How nice. It would have to be spent at Amazon. On what, who knows, but it would be fun!

  163. Erin F says:

    Baby stuff! I have a 7 month old, and we are always in need of the next size clothes or cloth diapers.

  164. ElizaRed says:

    Buying gasoline for the rental truck when moving from Florida to New Hampshire. If the price of gasoline keep moving up,$50 may get me a few miles into through GA πŸ˜₯ but every little bit helps πŸ˜†

  165. bksforme says:

    A $50.00 gift card would be a great help in actually buying seeds from all of the glorious gardening catalogs headed my way. There will be flowers and veggies in my future if I win.

  166. boydsbearcatlover says:

    :sheepjump: I would use the card towards a plane ticket to Louisiana for the birth of my new grandaughter McKenzie Claire in March. :happyflower:

  167. janicecauley says:

    The Tango card would certainly help me out with my plans to put in a raised bed garden this spring.

  168. yvonnem says:

    Well, IF I win, (I never win anything) I was planning on donating to Kickstarter, but comment #132 is from my sis, so I would have to give it to her so she and her hubby can have a well deserved anniversary dinner. (I’ll take care of Kickstarter any way!)

  169. Almost Heaven, WV says:

    Well Amazon has some good soaping materials. I’m in desperate need to make some more. I would also use some of it to get my little boy a game he has been wanting. Hope I get a chance to go shopping. πŸ™‚

  170. willsahna says:

    I’d probably use it to buy new plants for the back porch and yard.. Or maybe to buy clothes for my new soon to be daughter that we are in the process of adopting from Russia. I also have a friend out of work that could really use it too.. I’d have to give most of it to her ii think.

  171. chickenherd says:

    Buy more ducks! Haha. πŸ˜†

  172. Claudia W says:

    the first thing I thought of was to regift it to you for Sassafras Farm’s Studio Project. I think that would be the best use of the card!

  173. UlrikeDG says:

    Books. There are always books I want.

  174. UlrikeDG says:

    I’m following @TangoCard on Twitter, too.

  175. MelKilMD says:

    Valetine’s Day is Darling Husband’s birthday, so we would probably use it to dine out or spend it on Amazon on something he would like.

  176. Dlinkous says:

    I would spend it on buyng books, music and movies for my Kindle Fire!

  177. oddgirl says:

    I volunteer some time every week at the Illinois Raptor Center, which rehabilitates wild raptors (bald eagles, falcons, owls, and hawks)and educates the public about wild birds and animals. I would use the card to purchase some of the daily supplies that are always sorely needed for the animal hospital portion of the Center. Our wild feathered friends need love, too. :snuggle:

  178. wvhomecanner says:

    hmmmm interesting this Tango card! I think part would go to increase my backer $ on Kickstart for the STUDIO PROJECT.

  179. TeresaJM says:

    Treat my wonderful husband and valentine to dinner and maybe a fancy coffee afterwards.

  180. miki says:

    It would go right to my Amazon order that has been sitting in my cart for longer than I want to think about! It is for cheesemaking books, supplies and gardening books! Furthering my homestead attempt!

  181. pensiero says:

    Hmmm, 7 grandkids = 7 Easter baskets! Yep, $50 would come in very handy!

  182. cheena says:

    I would totally split it between Starbucks and Barnes and Noble. And maybe actually get my sister her birthday present.

  183. Britishtea says:

    Suzanne, how lovely you’ve been chosen by Tango to receive a gift card, and also to gift a card to a reader of your blog. Of COURSE you’ll use it for kitchen needs. (smile) And so will I. I’ve been saving for an All American canner from Amazon for some time now. All the fresh garden goodies are just around the corner and I can’t wait to replenish the larder.

  184. Turtle Mom says:

    I would buy some items that I need for my camera.

  185. Lana says:

    I am on the way to having lost 40+ pounds – my clothes are getting pretty baggy!

  186. ladydragon517 says:

    I would use it on Amazon to buy books.

  187. TeaCup says:

    I think I’d donated it to the Studio Project!


  188. TRUDY says:

    I would use the card to buy my favorite Valentines (my three children) their favorite movies/books. Thanks so much for the chance! Happy Valentines to all of you…

  189. Butterbean says:

    Would love to win! My first thought was Amazon, oh how I love Amazon!There is always something at Amazon that I want. Have also wanted to get started with cheesemaking, would be nice to do that!

  190. Windswept Farm says:

    Amazon for sure just not sure what I would purchase. I just had my hours cut to 5 each week! So it will be a need; and not a want. Anyone need a remote employee that works in quality/ data analysis?

  191. VAfarmer says:

    Please enter me! I’d spend half on a book or two I’ve been wanting (geared toward self-sufficiency, of course!), and donate the rest to a local horse rescue. Fingers crossed! :sun:

  192. Kelly@NoEmptyChairs says:

    I would use it on Amazon for some valentine shopping!

  193. Wammy says:

    My son and I are tackling a scout project…we are gathering toys, books, maps, school supplies…for a new Amish school in Hillsboro. OH. The school opened this fall. I got a chance to visit one Saturday. Read about it here

    They are an Amish organic farm community supported agriculture farming unit…made of Amish farmers in the Hillsboro area. Because of their time and dedication we are eating healthier so we wanted to pay it forward and do something nice for the school. My 10 year old son is going to take some of his paper passing route money to buy scissors, markers…we could really used the Tango card.

    Good luck to all!

  194. azladychef says:

    My daughter and her fiancee are in the process of buying their first house. I’m sure I could find a great housewarming gift on Amazon!

  195. Grouchymama says:

    Would love to get a Tango card even though I never heard of it until today. Thanks.

  196. bertiequilts says:

    I would also love to win this card… there are so many places that it could go just like everybody has listed so I am not sure exactly what I would do with it, but never fear… I definitely would find a good place for it.

  197. LK says:

    Hmm…I might use it for books or toward more cheese making supplies. We would see if I would change my mind if I won it. There is so much that I could use it for! I might even ad it to the $40 I still have from Christmas and get something big! Anyway you slice it, I would make good use of it!

  198. nessastorm says:

    $50 Tango card would be split between my son who recently received a kindle and needs more books ASAP. He is such a reader. The other portion I would have to use to purchase laundry hampers through Amazon to help control the chaos!

  199. perry says:

    I would love to win a Tango card. My mother, I call her Aud, is 95, and she loves Russell Stover candy. A would buy her a huge box of their creams. I would also treat my two granddaughters to a Starbucks. All three would be delighted! Thank you for the opportunity!

  200. lucy says:

    I would love to have a Tango card for any number of reasons, but if possible, I would give it back to Suzanne for the studio project as thanks for keeping us all so entertained on a regular basis!

  201. boulderneigh says:

    I’m shopping for a new (inexpensive!) horse, and will need to buy a new bit when that happens. This would be perfect!

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