Winter Curtains


The porch has curtains of icicles everywhere. They’re beautiful–but a little creepy. They look like they could kill somebody!


  1. Blessings says:

    OH NO they could poke an eye out!

  2. carsek says:

    They are beautiful. Unless they are so big they pull the spouting off the barn like they did here. One more thing to add to the fix-it list!

  3. CindyP says:

    DO NOT WALK UNDER THE EAVES! They are beautiful when the sun is shining bright with blue skies behind……I don’t really see any of that in your pic though :no:

    My neighbors house looks like the huge icicles are going to pull this side of his roof down! Not good!

  4. Leah says:

    That picture brings back memmories. I remember giant icicles hanging from my Nana’s old farmhouse after some of the big snows we had.The icicles are pretty with sun glistening on them tho!

  5. kerri says:

    Yes, they’re beautiful. I love to photograph them when they’re melting a little and try to catch the drips of water in midair. Some of ours are very large outside the back door at the moment.
    I hope you have a restful weekend, Suzanne :hug:

  6. Tammy N says:

    I guess curtains are a more positive spin…I refereed to the ones we have as prison bars the other day…lol!
    By coincidence our local news was just telling how destructive they can be to your home.
    Twenty eight days till spring!! :happyflower:

  7. glenda dorris says:

    That’s a beautiful picture! glad it’s on your farm porch; not mine. There is just so much winter beauty I can stand…… Here it is so foggy you can barely see the fence across the yard.

  8. KentuckyFarmGirl says:

    Our pulled all the gutters off during the ice storm last year. Beautiful but a real pain in the butt when they are that heavy!

  9. Carol Langille says:

    When I was a kid, way back when, our elementary school roof would have tremendous icicles…not pretty lacy curtains like yours, Suzanne. Even with a foot of snow on the ground and on the roof, we went out to play with the admonition to “Don’t go near the building or the icicles would KILL you.”
    First and second graders are afraid of being killed. No one went near them! Very different from now…if you see one snowlfake in Texas, school’s out!
    I like your pretty curtains far better than the ones I remember at school

  10. Chic says:

    Ooooo you could take some gorgeous pictures close up with the sun shining through…when it decides to come out! May as well enjoy them while you can…springs just around the corner…hopefully. :yes:

  11. Deborah R says:

    Well, I don’t know if they’ll kill you, but they will hurt you.

    My friend (here in WV) got hit just above the lip by one that she said wasn’t that big. She needed three stitches. 🙁

  12. jan-n-tn says:

    The perfect murder weapon: an prints, and it melts away.
    I’d be the one to try and use a popcicle in the middle of summer.

  13. nursemary says:

    Oh great, now I have to worry all day about the Crooked Little Hen’s safety. Thanks Suzanne! :chicken:

  14. Deb says:

    We had those too, over the front door! I stood inside and knocked 1-2′ icicles down with a shovel. Sure made the cats hovering by the door turn and run!

  15. EightPondFarm says:

    They are beautiful! I saw a photo on another blog where the wind blew and actually bent the icicles (and they froze that way!!)

    I hate to complain about your new site front page, but I am still having a hard time with it. I so much preferred being able to get to the newest posts immediately (ie, no thinking!), and I can’t do that any longer, so I need coffee first. Also the format seems unbalanced with so much on the right hand side and so little on the left. Last, don’t you think there is a LOT of duplication between the left and right sides now? Sorry. Some people, huh?? You give them something wonderful like “Chickens in the Road” and all they want to do is complain about it. :dancingmonster:

  16. mrnglry says:

    They may not kill you, but could hurt you real bad. I wouldn’t stand under them, just in case one decides to make its stab to the earth!
    Your trees and little shrubs look as tho they also would like to see less snow and more sun too. 😉

  17. Annette says:

    So pretty! everyone has them,must be the latest fad!!! my husband has been going around the house with a broom knocking them down everyday, really weighing down the gutters!

  18. Estella says:

    You have some serious icicles there!

  19. Lisa says:

    The first time I visited Chicago (my husband’s hometown) in the winter, I was HORRIFIED by signs on the sidewalk warning pedestrians to “Beware of falling ice.” All I could think about was that something BAD must have happened at least once to make those signs necessary. I guess an icicle falling from 100 stories would mess you up pretty bad.

  20. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Someone’s comment reminded me about a story I heard about a frozen leg of lamb, a husband killed by blunt force trauma, and the wife serving dinner to the detectives who came to look for the murder weapon…

    As far as the icicles go, I think they’re beautiful… winter stays as long as it wants, no matter how many hints we drop about it wearing out it’s welcome! I figure it’s always best to enjoy the baggage it brings as best you can.

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