Wood on Double Duty


I was doing some outdoor cleanup the other day and stacked as much wood as I could on these old shelves, and around them, on the back porch. One, it keeps the wood dry and I’m ready for the first fire of the winter, but two, I have a recurring problem with chickens roosting here at night. They knock everything off the shelves, roost, and poop!

Ha. I fixed them! They can’t knock the wood out!

I love it when I get one over on the chickens.


  1. brookdale says:

    Yay, you won this round!
    Until they decide to poop on your firewood. :no:

  2. caprilis says:

    I predict poop on your firewood! :yes:

  3. DancesInGarden says:

    Nah, They’ll just lay an egg on your generator 😉

  4. MsJanJ says:

    😆 NOW those little chippies can crawl in the little spaces you so generously left for them. Don’t be surprised if you find the stack moved sometime very soon. It happens here all the time and I have smile even though it aggravates me sometimes.

  5. MMHoney says:

    Stacking wood against the house has always been a no no —it helps termites get into your house…Ask any exterminator.

  6. Leck Kill Farm says:

    We also stack small amounts of wood on our porch for quick winter access. Ours turns over fast enough that I don’t worry about bugs but it does make a nice home for mice. One hitched a ride into the house one night and into the fireplace. THAT was more excitement than I needed!

    Would something strong smelling keep the chicken off? We use mothballs for the snakes in the wood pile (the “formal” pile away from the house) and ammonia for the bears.

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