Under Construction


Here’s the latest look at the new house. It’s supposed to be finished in six weeks!!!! Remember when it looked like this? The amazing thing is that was only about two months ago!

Also still under construction–my site. I’ve moved my photoblog over here to integrate it with my blog design–see the photoblog here or click on the photo in the sidebar. Hopefully that’s going to make it a lot easier for me to work with–the old program was a bit unwieldy–so that I can really post daily farm photos!

I’m moving the poll up into this post so take the poll if you haven’t had a chance yet, or just check how the vote’s going!

How’s your day look? I’m off to the store…. I’m thinking about making gingerbread men…. Ho ho!


  1. Kim A. says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how quickly the house construction is going. Amazing and oh, so exciting. A wonderful way to start the new year, Suzanne.

    My day looks long. LOL. At the office, and we all are chomping at the bit, so to speak, for our holiday break. Last working day for 2007 is Dec. 21st!

    There is a chocolate torte topped with raspberries in front of me, brought in by a co-worker. Temptation abounds. :hungry:


  2. MARY says:

    :flying: Hey, busy woman!!! Your new house looks beautiful!!! Hope all is well!

  3. Susan says:

    Your new home looks fantastic! :shimmy:

  4. Estella says:

    Your house is going to be fantastic! It is going up so fast.

  5. Brandy says:

    The house looks wonderful. Finished in 6 weeks? WOW! Have you ever made a ginger-bread house? Have fun making the cookies!

  6. Lis says:

    The house looks great! Really coming along well :shimmy:

    Day’s so-so. My best friend who’s coming to visit tomorrow is having issues with the airline; the final handful of chapters won’t cooperate on the manuscript and I’m feeling blah. Always fun lol :rockon:

  7. Dru says:

    WOW, your house looks great. I can’t believe it will be complete in six weeks. How long will it take you to move in?

    Have a good day.

  8. Michelle Willingham says:

    Cool house! You need to come to my house and bake gingerbread for me. 🙂 :hungry:

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