Looking for something? The print button, the archives, options for viewing past posts, the search bar, the calendar, or the BBB winners list? The scoop on Sassafras Farm? (Find out all about Sassafras Farm here.)

On every recipe post on my site, there is a print button above the ingredients list. This will take you to a clean, graphics-free printable page.

In case you miss the first print button, there is a second print button at the bottom of every recipe post on my site, along with a link to the Cooking archives.

See where it also says See this recipe at Farm Bell Recipes and save it to your recipe box? That link takes you to the simultaneously posted recipe at Farm Bell Recipes in case you prefer to print it there or just save it to your recipe box (so you don’t have to hunt it down later).

There are easy ways to find past posts so you don’t have to hunt, though! Scroll down in the sidebar to your right and you will find a calendar–click on any day you missed and you will find all the posts from that day. See just above the calendar where it says Search This Blog? If you’re not sure when or where what you’re looking for might be, just put the words into the search bar.

You can also find the archives buttons on every blog section (except for Daily Farm–there isn’t a sub-divided archive for this section).

For example, here (below), you know you’re on the Barn page because the little button to the left of the post title says Barn. Look to the right at the sidebar and you’ll find the Barn archives button where all my past animal posts are filed by sub-sections (chickens, dogs, cats, donkeys, goats, etc, they all have their own sub-archive within the Barn archives).

Looking for all my posts about Beulah Petunia? Go to the Barn archives:

Click on Cows and it will take you here:

Cooking section, and Cooking archives.

Every main archive page is divided into sub-sections to help you find what you need. For example, on the main Cooking archives page, you’ll find a sub-section menu of appetizers, breads, main dishes, pies, cookies, etc. There is even a Quick Mix section with all my recipes that use Quick Mix, and a Grandmother Bread section with all my recipes that use Grandmother Bread.

The main Cooking archives page:

The Grandmother Bread sub-archive page:

Here are a couple more ways to find things.

You can subscribe to my blog via the RSS feed, and also to the Farm Bell Recipes blog RSS. The RSS feed buttons are at the bottom of every post, plus I have an extra link at the bottom of every FBR blog post.

I also link up every post on my blog and Farm Bell Recipes on Facebook and Twitter. You can find the links to my Facebook and Twitter in the sidebar in the About Me section.

You can also find links there to my Charleston Daily Mail columns and my YouTube channel. If you’re looking for one of my videos and can’t find it, the fastest way to find it is to just go to my YouTube page and browse all my videos.

The BBB winners list is here. You can also find the link to the BBB winners page in the About Me section where the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc links are, so if you lose it, you can find it again there. You can also access the BBB winners list by clicking BBB Project in the green submenu below the header.

You can click through past posts using Previous Post to go back in chronological order. You can find the Previous Post button at the bottom of every post right above the comments section (and there is also a Next post if you start on an older post and want to go forward instead).

If you still can’t find something, using the calendar, search bar, sidebar links, and archives, you can always drop me a comment (trust me, it’s faster to ask me a question in the comments than to email me!) and I will help you find it. But if you want to email me, just click Contact in the green submenu below the header.

Thanks for being here!