I Hope These Things Don’t Come In Threes


On Sunday, I got a flat tire. On Monday, somebody backed into my car in Wal-Mart parking lot. I’m afraid to drive anywhere today. I’m afraid the next thing that will happen is that it will blow up.

The nice thing was, it was a very sweet 16-year-old boy who backed into my car at Wal-Mart. He was so worried! He came inside to the customer service desk to find me with a piece of paper with all his information. He had written his name, then beneath that he wrote “male”–I thought that was cute–and his driver’s license number, address, phone number, date of birth. I’m surprised he didn’t put down his social security number. I told him he was a good boy and that I was very proud of him for doing the right thing. I don’t think he did much damage, though it was dark so I couldn’t really tell. I haven’t even gone out to look today. I don’t want to get blown up….

On the upside, it’s a beautiful day with hints of spring in the air. A day for a dog to romp in the now snow-free yard! I’m ready for spring!!!!! You?

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  1. Kim says:

    Yay…Thank you!!

    Oh, and I’m so sorry to hear about your car.

  2. Mary Dunton says:

    Spring is in the air here in Maryland!!!!!:shimmy: This is our second Spring, though. All the early bloomers have come and gone, due to the warm weather we had. That’s ok! The Cherry Blossom Festival is just around the corner in Washington, D.C. and that is the epitome of Spring!!!!!!!!!:rotfl:

  3. Lis says:

    Congrats Kim!

    Hope the damage isn’t too bad Suzanne! And lucky that spring’s arriving. We’re still under tons of snow and cold. :cold: