Le Petit Dejeuner Flambeau


The New River.

I blew up the toaster oven making breakfast this weekend. Flames! It was exciting! I stood there and thought, hmmm. Should I call my cousin next door and tell him I am about to burn the farmhouse down? Or wait? I stood there. Waited. (I hated to bother him.) The flames went out. Whew. :mrgreen:

I brought my daughter her breakfast and she said, can I have another piece of toast? I said, um, I don’t think so…..

How was your weekend?

Winners of this weekend’s Free Book Friday and autographed U.K. copies of The Beast Within: Cryna and Billie! Click the Contact button in the menu above and send me your addresses!


  1. Cryna says:

    Another beautiful picture. And how you could stay calm when you saw the toaster on fire is beyond me, I know for a fact I would have panicked……..LOL

  2. Danny says:

    Big congrats Cryna & Billie!

    Another beautiful picture!

  3. Becki says:

    A do-nothing weekend. I would say “quiet” but our island hometown had 300,000 (according to the paper and Houston TV stations) visitors. On motorcycles.

    Our 9-year old has a severe psychological adversion to motorcycles.

  4. kim h says:

    wtg ladies:bananadance:

  5. Tori Lennox says:

    I blew up the toaster oven making breakfast this weekend.

    It’s amazing how much better that sounds in French! :rotfl:

    Must have been something in the air this week since my mom managed to catch wax paper on fire in the microwave, of all places!

  6. Lis says:

    Yikes on the fire, glad it went out.
    congrats to the winners :thumbsup:

  7. Estella says:

    Congrats Cryna and Billie!