How Does Your Garden Grow?





My least favorite gardening task.

Though it’s kinda hard to be a wimp about it when…..

….my cousin’s 78-year-old mother is out there hoeing, too.

Look how dry it is!!! (Why don’t weeds need rain to grow???)

Our garden is way behind due to the “moderate” drought we’ve been having this summer. We’ve started getting some rain in the last couple weeks, though, so things are looking up. Except for that hoeing thing. Rain means more hoeing. But fresh vegetables from the garden–yum! Is there anything better? Sigh…. Back to hoeing….

I get plenty of company while I’m hoeing. The cats love to stroll between the corn and chase the weeds that fly from my hoe. I have to stop and pet them.

There’s unexpected beauty, too. Look at these garlic tops. Who knew they were so pretty? I have to stop and admire them.

And then there’s cabbage-as-art. Wow. I have to stop and get my camera.

And there I go again, running around taking pictures, forgetting to hoe…… Oops. :mrgreen:


  1. Cheryl S. says:

    Heck no, I’m not hoeing. I do not have a green thumb at all . . . wish I did, all those fresh vegetables in your garden look wonderful! I did cheat and got a planter with a mat already seeded with tomato seeds and miracle gro. All I have to do is water it and supposedly the plants will grow and drape out over the planter and I’ll have fresh tomatoes. I was getting impatient but there ARE finally plants there so maybe I’ll have some fresh tomatoes yet. Have a great weekend everyone.

  2. TeresaH says:

    I’m not hoeing either! We do container plants, much easier. Our tomatoes are loaded with green tomatoes, the rhubarb is growing like crazy, so is the okra. It’s too hot for me outside :fan:

  3. Kim says:

    I have a tiny back space behind my townhouse, so no hoeing required. Just the occasional weed-picking in my perennial garden. (And yes, it’s bone dry too, here in southeastern Ontario.) I grew up in rural Quebec, though, and we had land and gardens. Hated weeded and harvesting and blanching when I was young, but now that I’m older I miss it.

    I love the cabbage-as-art. I usually tote my camera with me everywhere and am always taking shots of things I suspect most people wouldn’t notice. It’s nice to see someone else does too!

    Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  4. Marianne says:

    Actually, I just hoed yesterday! It’s a pain, but better than losing my tomatoes for the weeds. My 73 y.o. mother helps me.

    Loved the zinnias in your first picture. So do butterflies :butterfly:

    We have feast or famine here in terms of rain — it’s either a downpour with thunder, lightning and flood watches :drowning: or dry as a bone and hot.

    Still, it’s NOT snow. So I’m not complaining.

  5. Crystal B. says:

    I hate hoeing too but I do it. I hate those pesky weeds. We have been watering our garden with a garden hose since it is so dry here. We literally jump up and down if we get rain.

  6. Alice Audrey says:

    No hoeing here. We have parched grass. I’d love to have a kitchen garden, but actually have more use for the little bit of grass.


  7. Susan says:

    My dad doesn’t allow anyone in the garden but him and one of our cats, so no hoeing for me. :shimmy: It’s pretty dry here too. We had green beans from the garden for supper last night! :snoopy:

  8. Heather Harper says:

    Love the kitty pic! :purr:

    And I get on my hands and knees to pull weeds. Using a hoe would make the mulch fly into the grass. (I live in an community with an anal HOA.) But I always get good ideas when I’m pulling weeds and about to pass out from the heat. :flying:

  9. Nicole Reising says:

    Hi Suzanne! Would you believe I LOVE to hoe! Something about getting immediate satisfaction I guess. I love to paint for the same reason. I can quickly look back where I’ve been and it looks good. :butterfly: I feel good then. Very therapeutic for me. My hubby thinks I’m nuts. He does it but does NOT enjoy it. :catmeow:

    Hugs that you get rain soon!


  10. leanne says:

    Thats why I don’t raise a garden. We let my husband’s parents do that and we just reap the rewards from it. Yummy!! Thank goodness for the rain though we have gotten the past couple days. Our creek actually has about a fistful of water in it now. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    LeAnne :typing: :friday: :shimmy:

  11. Marty says:

    I’m hoeing B-S, if that counts 🙂 Too bad the cats can’t pick up a spade :cattail:

  12. Ellen says:

    Nope. No hoeing here. The temps have reached triple digits, so we’re just trying to breathe through the oppressive heat. I actually googled air conditioners, as our fan is just blowing warm air around. :fan:

    Again, lovely images!

  13. Maureen says:

    The last couple of days we have had thunderstorms and I hate when they wake me up. Now the weeds are growing like crazy.

  14. Emma says:

    I love to grow many flowers and some vegetables. My garden is growing very well with some rain to help it grow more. I wake up early in the morning to do work in my garden. I love watching the butterflies and hummingbirds that gather in the garden.

  15. Minna says:

    It’s raining here and considering how dry last summer was, it’s not a bad thing at all. Unfortunately it also means that weeds grow pretty fast.

  16. Tori Lennox says:

    Wow! Just how big IS your garden???

  17. Michelle Willingham says:

    I got out the hoe not more than a few days ago, whacking at the crab grass in our garden. :fryingpan: Not much fun, but at least it’s better than pulling the weeds out by hand!

  18. Suzanne says:

    I don’t know the dimensions but it’s pretty BIG!! :shocked:

  19. Brandy says:

    We don’t have a garden, per se. I planted one tomato plant in a container this year as an experiment. As for the regualr yard, I end up cutting it and weed eating/edging. I thought that was what husbands were for, but mine hates yard work!
    We’re getting weird 10 minute thunderstorms where the rain stops after 10 minutes and the thunder and lightening last 2x as long. It’s keeping things green for now.
    Have a fantastic weekend.

  20. Phyllis Lamken says:

    It is always dry out west in Idaho. But we have irrigation to water the lawn, trees and pasture.
    I have ignored the garden. Insted, I have painting the house.

  21. Dru says:

    No hoeing over here. We just had some rain and then humidity which I dislike.

  22. KimW says:

    No hoeing being done at my house. I’m not a big fan of gardening because I don’t like bugs and worms. Usually I sit back and watch my husband work if something needs to be done. lol We had some rain along with some beautiful days that were sunny and in the mid 80s.

  23. Lis says:

    We don’t hoe, we weed weasel. :flying: I think it accomplishes the same thing. I think its easier on my back. We’ve been in the scorching heat the last 2 days but its supposed to cool down this weekend. Flowers are finally opening 😮

  24. Stefanie says:

    I’m not hoeing either. I’m studying for my driver’s license. :shimmy:
    Here in Belgium it doesn’t stop raining. :wall: Sometimes a little thunder and lightening too, to scare the dogs of course. But after this weekend it should be better. More sun, lees rain… I’m looking forward to it! :woof:

  25. Karen B says:

    :flying: Lazy – lazy – lazy – just watching the weeds grow. We need rain badly and it’s going to be near 100 today in MN! :hissyfit:

  26. Teresa W. says:

    No hoeing going on for me this weekend, I will be working all weekend with no time to be outside. This really stinks since I live in Ohio and the weather is going to be beautiful this weekend.

  27. catslady says:

    Besides weeds, the only vegetable I’m growing is onions – in 4 long containers. And now I’ve been put on a special diet after a brief hospital stay and onions are not allowed boo hoo. We either have tons of rain for days with alternating no rain for days/wks.

  28. Rachelle says:

    I wish we had a garden. Our house is surrounded with bricks and concrete. We can even hardly plant a single bud. LOL.. But I’ve got a new camera and we’re going on a trip this weekend to the hills. I’m so excited!

    by the way, thos are really nice many megapixels is your camera?

  29. alicaryn chorster says:

    I wish we had a garden. Our house is surrounded with bricks and concrete. We can even hardly plant a single bud. LOL.. But I’ve got a new camera and we’re going on a trip this weekend to the hills. I’m so excited!

    by the way, thos are really nice many megapixels is your camera?

  30. alicaryn chorster says:

    oops, sorry for the double post. i accidentally hit the enter button. we’re going on a trip this weekend together with my new husband and the entire extended family. what’s a hoe? I’ve never seen a hoe in my life. we don’t do gardening. i wish i know how to do that.

  31. Suzanne says:

    I use a Nikon Coolpix L4, with four megapixels. It’s a simple digital camera, really, but it takes great pictures. I use HP Photosmart software. :purr:

  32. RobynL says:

    No green thumb here unless I’m pulling weeds. It’s been so hot the annuals in pots are dying. The only thing thriving is my Portulaca in pots.