Free Book Friday: Driving Me Crazy


He’s going to be sixteen on May 13th. He’s driving. He’s driving around on the twisty, turny West Virginia roads. I sit in the car beside him and look at that profile and see, not an almost-sixteen-year-old, no, I see a three-year-old in a Batman costume that he insisted on wearing for weeks on end, everywhere. I see three-year-old Batman running around Wal-Mart.

I see three-year-old Batman at the wheel of the car.

He sees me clutching, whiteknuckled, at the door on the passenger side of the car as he careens around a curve.

“I’m going under the speed limit!” he says.

“I know,” I tell him. “And you’re doing a good job. Really. Someday, you’ll have your own sixteen-year-old child driving your car and you’ll understand. You’ll understand that I don’t think you’re almost sixteen. I think you’re three. And you’re wearing a Batman costume. And three-year-old Batman is DRIVING THE CAR!!!”

When he takes out a mailbox on the side of the road because he drives so close to the edge, I’ll let you know.

Anything driving you crazy lately? This month, all month, I’ll be giving away one of the new May Silhouette Romantic Suspense releases. This week, it’s Safety in Numbers by Carla Cassidy. Drop a comment and a random comment number will be chosen on Monday!


  1. Becki says:

    Congrats on #1 turning 16.

    Seems like only yesterday when all the ladies at ORS in Lubbock were excited about “Suzanne’s having a baby!”

    Our #1 and only just turned 10.

    Time flies.

  2. Teresa W. says:

    Congrats on son turning 16 my brother’s birthday is on the 14th. I remember when we were growing up he was 17 and I was 18. He borrowed my car and went up to the store for my mom. When he pulled in the driveway he wasn’t paying attention to what was in front of him and was instead looking to the side at all the people sitting in the back yard. He ran right into the garage door. So I know exactly how you feel about your son driving, but hey things will happen. Don’t worry he’ll do fine have a great weekend and glad your back.:bananadance:

  3. Liz says:

    Boy, I feel your pain. My first-born turns 18 at the end of the month, graduates from high school on June 8th, and then in the fall, he’s off to Texas Tech.

    How did they get older when we didn’t?

  4. pearl says:

    Time just flies by. The children are all grown up in no time and we are still worrying all the time. It is hard to let go and mine are adults on their own and I am still concerned.

  5. ellie says:

    Congrats on the young man turning 16. He seems to be mature but it is worrisome no matter what. The kids grow up quickly and we stay the same.

  6. diane says:

    Congrats on this milestone. hard to believe it when the young adults emerge. All the best and enjoy him while you can. They all grow up and eventually leave.

  7. anne says:

    Your words echo exactly what every mother feels. The little boy has grown up. It is something to be proud of and revel in his presence. Good luck.

  8. Cheryl S. says:

    Why, oh why, were we in a hurry for them to walk and talk? Seems like once they mastered those two things, there’s no stopping them on their journey to independence. I want to be needed again. And there was a time when mommy knew EVERYTHING. I’ve gotten dumber as they’ve gotten older. :rotfl:

  9. catslady says:

    And it never gets any easier is all I can say!!:no:

  10. sharon says:

    Great news and best wishes. Being a mother has its great moments and it is also hard to accept their self reliance and independence. All I do is hope that they have good judgement and give them my love.

  11. Kelly Parra says:

    Yikes! haha. At least he’s probably having a great time driving. 🙂 😉

  12. kacey says:

    He’s still a baby. You can’t convince me otherwise.:no: He is NOT old enough to get his license…

  13. Michelle Willingham says:

    That’s just not possible for him to be sixteen. He’s still three! :no:

  14. KimW says:

    Funny! I remember driving around with my niece when she first got her license. I found myself holding my breath…..a lot.

  15. Karen B says:

    :wall: I remember those days. Now my youngest grandsons are getting to that age but the greatgrands are just going on 3. So, I now have 3 generations to worry about. :flying:

  16. RobynL says:

    an early happy birthday to your son. When I got re-married my dh had 3 kids and the 2 boys lived with us for a few years. Guess who took the oldest out driving? Me… not dh. Whenever I said something about what I thought he should have done, in a nice voice, he had some comeback. After the first time I said ‘that’s it’; he can find someone else.

  17. TeresaH says:

    Congrats to your son on turning 16! I remember when my son got his license…they grow up so fast!!!:hissyfit:

  18. Susan says:

    My internet keeps going out and PC seems to be on its last legs.:hissyfit:

  19. alissa says:

    Congrats on his birthday.Wishing you good luck, and enjoy every minute together since it is all too short.

  20. Ruby55 says:

    Well, I don’t have any children to talk about.

    But there is something that’s been driving me crazy since last June when my hydro consumption suddenly almost tripled. I had no idea where to find out what had happened. The puzzle is starting to resolve itself very slowly.

    My lovely former landlord gave me the wrong meter for my apartment. The people who got my meter were happily using 2 A/Cs, 2 fans, a TV with PVR (= tivo) at all hours of the day and night. They were so happy that they paid less than $50/month. I, on the other hand, ended up paying a grand total of over $1400 and that equals more than 12% of my total income. Fun, n’est-ce pas? 😯

    I use no TV, radio, DVD or CD player, nothing but computer, some light and the fridge.

    Who knows when and if I’ll get reimbursed. Meanwhile I’m paying a budget price of $80/month for this year’s hydro. My advocate is pushing for letting Hydro keep my money and just deducting monthly costs. But uh-uh. I need at least one A/C myself if I want to remain half-alive this summer. I also need to get a working computer figured out.

    All this worry has kept me off the Internet as much as possible. That’s why long time no see, besides the fact that I fear being thrown off at any second.

    Yep, isn’t life fun.

    When are your books coming out?

    And happy birthday to the birthday boy. :bananadance: Here you can’t even learn to drive until you’re 16. So he’s lucky.

  21. mary beth says:

    HUGS Suzanne!
    I’ve just been through this. Next week DD starts driving on her own. ACK!

  22. Minna says:

    Renovations. They have been going on for weeks and there is no end in sight! :wall:

  23. Suzanne says:

    Ruby, that is terrible!! I hope you get that straightened out. My next book comes out in July, thanks for asking!

  24. Ashley says:

    Various House Repairs. Hubby is convinced he can and will do them.. I’m still waiting. Maybe when the bathtub falls through the ceiling he’ll get around to it.:drowning:

  25. Carla Cassidy says:

    Been there, done that and never want to experience it again!

    Just wanted to drop by and tell you thanks for giving away one of my books!

    Take care, sweetpea!