Free Book Friday: Frequently Asked Questions


I’m getting ready to make some changes to my website. (What do you like or not like about it? What would you like to see?) I’m thinking of adding a FAQ page to answer some of the questions that I get asked, well, frequently.:wink:

Here are a few that top the list in my reader email:

Q: Are you going to write more “PAX League” books?
A: I don’t know…..

Q: Are you ever going to write more books in the “Sword and the Ring” series? WHAT ABOUT LIZBET AND MARIGOLD?
A: I don’t know…..

I’m pretty sure I need to come up with some better answers. But for now, what about questions? What do YOU want to know? Now’s the time! Ask away! Everyone who asks a question for consideration for the FAQ page will be entered in this weekend’s giveaway! One winner will be randomly selected Monday for their pick from my backlist. :heart:


  1. catslady says:

    I think you ought to have a contest asking what is that cat thinking? roflmao My official question is: If you weren’t an author, what would you want to be?

  2. Jeanette Jackson says:

    Do you have any input on what your covers look like and how do they come up with them?

  3. traveler says:

    I would love to know more about the international trips that you have been on and which was the best.

  4. Cryna says:

    My question would be: In what way would you say your career as a writer has most changed your life?

  5. Jennifer Y. says:

    Hmm…my question would be what are your favorite and least favorite parts of being a writer?

  6. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    You give us tidbits about your fanily except your husband. What’s he like? Inquiring minds want to know.:footinmouth: Oops, I don’t know if you have a husband or are a single Mom. Trust me to stick the old foot into mouth. Anyway, I enjoy hearing about all the family. I would also like to know about more PAX books. They are so great. Have a great week-end and hugs to all.:wave:

  7. Minna says:

    Have any of your books been translated into other languages?

  8. Cheryl S. says:

    Is there anything in your writing that you’d like to explore — different genre, specific situations, etc.?

  9. Carol says:

    When you have time, what kind of books do you read, who are your favorite authors and what books are on your keeper shelf???

  10. Shari C says:

    Would like to know more about how you develop your characters for your stories…their personalities, names, backgrounds, etc. Do your stories come from characters you develop or do your characters come from a plot line you are considering.

  11. Mary Dunton says:

    What is your all-time favorite book?

  12. Tammy G. says:

    What was the most heartwrenching, tug at your heart book or book that you have read that you will always remember?

  13. Angie T says:

    What is something about you that we would be surprised to know?
    You can tell us..we won’t say anything! :wigglebrow:

  14. Maureen says:

    What book of yours would you most like to see made into a movie and who would you want to play the hero and heroine?

  15. Melissa McClone says:

    Where do you get your ideas? Do famous people/celebrities ever inspire characters?

  16. Susan says:

    Where do you get all your ideas?

  17. Susan says:

    Oops! That question was just asked.:fryingpan:

    Do you have a favorite author/authors that had an influence on you and the type of books you wanted to write?

  18. Marie says:

    From all the books you have written, which one is your favorite?

  19. sharon says:

    How has your environment influenced your writing and creativity.

  20. principessa says:

    I loved your trip photos. Do you plan more trips to interesting destinations this coming year.

  21. Estella says:

    Did you take any writing courses before writing your first published book?

  22. Billie says:

    Do you have any pet peeves?

  23. Billie says:

    Has there been any one book or character that has been harder for you to let go than others?

  24. Stefanie says:

    Mina, to answer your question. I know that “My lady runaway” is translated into Dutch. But I don’t know about any other languages…


  25. Stefanie says:

    How did you become a writer and when did you know that you wanted to become a writer?

  26. TeresaH says:

    How do you balance out all your time what with being a wife and mother along with being an author and world traveler? 😆 Do your kids “cooperate” or do things seem to go crazy at home when a deadline is looming?

  27. Stacey says:

    What advice would you give to unpublished authors?

  28. Stefanie says:

    Writing… Is it in your blood? Is there someone else in your family who writes too?

  29. Tammy G. says:

    What person dead (if you could of course – lol) or alive in history would like to meet and what would you talk about?

  30. Tammy G. says:

    Describe how you felt when you saw your first book on the shelf and did it give you a tingle???

  31. RobynL says:

    Are you a ‘cup half full’ or a ‘cup half empty’ type o
    f person in your everyday life? Which cup do you see
    most often? Thanks.

  32. Melissa says:

    What’s the book you’d like to write but hasn’t been written yet?

  33. catslady says:

    Have you ever had another career/job other than writing?

  34. Heather Harper says:

    Do you have a writing good luck charm?:roll:

  35. Stefanie says:

    Which of the stories that you’ve written is your favorit?

  36. Melissa says:

    What do you think of self-publishing?

  37. Toni Anderson says:

    I want to know where you get your hair dyed?

    AND… advice for simult submitting 🙂

  38. Jennifer Y. says:

    Wasn’t sure if we could ask more than one question….

    Do you have a book you regret writing and would love to re-do?

  39. Suzanne says:

    Ask away because my power is out!!! So I can’t get to my own computer to post to my blog today. I’m posting this from another computer. (Sorry! I hope the power is on sometime tonight–if it is, then I’ll come post, but I don’t know when it’ll be back on right now!):hissyfit:

  40. Michelle says:

    Can’t wait to see the new look! Very exciting. 🙂

  41. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    I wanted to ask if you read other authors manuscripts before they are published? I know some writers do that for their friends. Just curious.:?::?: Also, are you thinking about doing some more paranormal books? I am really into that genre right now. Have a great night and I hope your electricity comes back on soon. Hugs.:wave: