Free Book Friday: Little Frozen House in the Holler


Harrowing week, let me tell you, harrowing. No water in the kitchen for three days. Then the pipes thaw and the kitchen floods. Me and three children trying to figure out WHERE THE WATER TURNS OFF. Then no water at all. (We finally figured it out.) Pipes fixed. Then they refreeze that same night. Just shoot me in the head already. Finally, my cousin-the-hero came over with a monster-heater, fixed everything, saved the day. Whew. I thanked him with a pan of triple chocolate brownies. Then I baked another pan of brownies because I so needed some brownies, too. Oh–and we got about five inches from that storm this week. More snow supposed to be coming Monday or Tuesday…

So how was your week? Need brownies? :weather:

(Don’t let me whine alone. Vent your whine for the week and be in the running for your pick of an autographed book from my backlist!)


  1. Minna says:

    Yes, I definitely need brownies. And peanut butter sweets (and they don’t even sell them anywhere here in Finland :hissyfit: ). I don’t even want to talk about my week, but let’s just say it’s been like this: :drowning:

  2. Stefanie says:

    My week wasn’t very good. I have been sick from monday till thursday.:sick: And do you know the worst part of being sick? Your food just tastes like nothing!!!:yuck:

  3. Maria Duncan says:

    My poor darling dog has to be neutered, ugh, I feel so bad for him. And I can’t post to my blog. And the weather here is so grey. Where on earth is spring?

  4. RobynL says:

    I so need brownies!! On Thursday I got stuck with the truck downtown; yes down town-I was on a sloop at the Sears outlet and could not back up or go forward so I walked home, got the van and took dh to get the truck home(this resulted in a sinus headache the next day from the cold whilst walking). Next Monday we go to the city to the dentist and each get our new teeth(dentures) and I get 4 permanent crowns. Yikes, I have been sweating up a storm just thinking about it. I’ve been hyperventilating also. Then the true test will be in effect as to whether the $$$$ we spent is worth it or not. Please, I beg, let this all work.

  5. Maureen says:

    My week was not great with bitter cold and annoying family members but we did have heat and water and for that I am definitely grateful.

  6. catslady says:

    I’ve spent two full days talking to computer techs because my husband’s computer not only has a trojan virus which can’t be cleaned, deleted or quarantined and now it shows we don’t have a cd drive so no disks can be read which means we can’t restore it and the remote links don’t work because of pop up viruses waaaaaaaaa. And of course I’m not getting anything else accomplished because I’m the one for some reason who has to do this. Oh yeah he may have deleted some important parts to the computer BECAUSE THE MAN HAS NO PATIENCE! :rambo:

  7. Emma says:

    I definitely need brownies. It been a very VERY long

  8. Stefanie says:

    My week is going to end better than it began. Like I said, I was sick at the begining of the week. But for today, my parents had a surprise for me: we’re going ice-skating!!:bananadance::shimmy: A great end for a not that great week, lol.:razz:

  9. Mary J says:

    I’m in desperate need of a brownie. Desperate, I tell you.I broke my ankle when I was getting off a public bus on Wednesday when I was pushed by some little impatient prat. 😥

  10. Cheryl S. says:

    Brownies, yes! Especially if I don’t have to bake them myself . . . I set off the smoke detectors baking muffins this week. And I didn’t even burn them. First time that’s happened. Only thing I did different was use my new silicone bakeware I got for Christmas.

  11. Melissa says:

    Tuesday I went into the hospital for tests on my stomach. I was scoped and ballooned. The scope was for my stomach, esophagus, and a bit of intestine for good measure. And the balloon was to check my esophagus for damage and to open it up. This is supposed to last for at least two years my doctor tells me. Anyway, I woke up during the procedure! Yea, I woke with a tube down my throat and in my stomach! Had something in my mouth for the tube but managed a few grunts. I wanted to shout “What is this? Some third world country!?” It was disconcerting to say the least…
    I believe you have my addy, Suz. I definitely need brownies!!

  12. Shari C says:

    Brownies…yummy! Would definitely not mind having some of those. My week was not the greatest, but certainly not too bad either. My poor husband was sick for most of last week…and did not take too kindly to playing patient. Unfortunately, we’re supposed to be on vacation and could not do lot of the things we had planned. Also,the weather has been far from great…cold, rainy and windy most of the time. At least we had heat, plenty of food, and NO snow plus I had my several of my TBR books and TV to watch. Not the greatest of vacations, but it could have been much worse.

  13. barbara wright says:

    I need brownies laced with rum! My procrastinating son has known for months that he had to build something for a science competition this month. I told myself I was NOT getting involved this time because it didn’t count for a grade and he had a partner to do half the work. Well, this partner is in another club that was staying at school until 9:00 every night, so it was up to him to do it all himself. Now…. this is a boy who still can’t get the knots out of his shoes without help and he’s supposed to build a bridge out of nothing but balsa wood and glue that will hold 32 pounds?? Not my problem, I kept saying. But then he showed me all the calculations he’d done – sines, cosines, angles, lengths, etc. How could I let him fail? So guess what I’ve been doing all week?

    Meanwhile, my 13 year old has to decide which high school to go to next year, so we’ve been needing to spend 3 hours going to Open Houses every night. Plus, a boy in her class just died and she’s convinced his ghost is following her around. Her birthday is next week, and I still have shopping to do. My parents are coming for it, so I have to clean the house and have diabetic food for them to eat. While they’re here, I’ll have to get ready for my daughter’s sleepover birthday party.
    Brownies???? Maybe I need them to be laced with arsenic rather than rum 🙂

  14. Joanne Schultz says:

    oh no to your frozen pipes; they make wires you wrap around your pipes to keep them non-frozen- they work great!

    brownies sound good to me 😆

    work stunk- the head of the company decided I should work on an account other than the one I am dedicated too and I’m in the middle of something for them. Then we have to fill out self-evaluations using the goals from last year. only managers have access to the reports that tell us how we did . so I have mine all filled out ready to go, and the day before they are do, the manager gives us the results of how we did. so then i get to redo it all. fun fun.

    and it seems like as soon as the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, that winter cold descended upon us. We haven’t seen a day above freezing in a week!

    oh and we are going to the Daytona 500 next weekend and it’s going to be cold there(for Florida)

  15. Crystal G. says:

    I had a great week with the surprise arrival of Suzanne’s book NEVER SAY GOODBYE! I was so excited to be the winner of the January contest!:bananadance: I couldn’t put the book down until I read it cover to cover. Felicia & Brandon are great couple.
    Brownies sound good!

  16. Angie T says:

    Hey! I’m baking brownies right now! And cheesecake cupcakes.
    The brownies are for father-son movie night at church, but the cupcakes are for me!!! :hungry:

    I had an ok week…nothing bad like snow and frozen pipes…but I’ve had better, too.

    Next week is going to be better for EVERYONE!! You have my personal guarantee…. :snoopy:

  17. Aisling says:

    God, I’d love some brownies! Our heating broke this week and no plumber will come out to fix it. There are so many plumbers in the world, ho come they’re always busy?

  18. Jennifer Y. says:

    Stay warm! My week was…just had a bad headache most of the time!

  19. pearl says:

    Brownies would be wonderful! Just love them especially in the winter. The week was busy taking a friend to have an MRI and then holding her hand and being there for her.

  20. KrisM says:

    Brownies! YES!!! Pipes froze, but beneath the flooring on the 2nd floor.. water damage to kitchen below, and finished rec room in the basement. :drowning: Insurance said a water reclamation company would fix it all. Non-English speaking techs from said company show up 2 days later, tell me “walls dry”, “no water flowing”. I’m pretty sure they understood my “no sh–” reply even tho they pretended not to. I have 8 fans running, and they’re so loud I can’t hear myself grump! :wall: This on top of being sick for 10 days, and having all the family members busy travelling for work, leaving me to keep the home waters flowing. :hissyfit:

    But wait… Brownies, you say? There may be hope for my sanity yet!! Bless you, and start another pan for that second blast of snow due this week. :weather:

    Stay warm! :cold:

  21. Crystal B. says:

    I came into work and everyone in my building had a sign beside their door identifying who’s office it was but me. :wall: I am paranoid that it means I will be in the next round of layoffs.

  22. MD says:

    I can’t go to work today because I have laryngitis. It hurts, it hurts so bad!:sad:

  23. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    I thought my week was bad but now I see by the posts that I had a good week. No snow, no frozen pipes, no water damage and friends and family fed me most of the week (brownies on Sat). It has been very cold :cold:but I didn’t have to go out in it so I was okay there. I talked to my daughter and grandsons everyday and am going to spend 3 weeks with them starting next week.:flying: Her DH calls her from Iraq almost every day so that’s good.:shimmy: Hope every one’s life improves dramatically this week. Hugs to all and God Bless.:wave:

  24. Toni Anderson says:

    That’s awful!! Well we have the worst temperatures. They really suck. Managed to get the dog out yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks because the temp rose to -21C. Positively balmy.